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Life Issues

By The Abbotts

We all experience problems in life as part of our human and angelic growth. Often we turn to others who are also confused, to solve our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blocks and hurdles.

We forget that we have a huge resource of unlimited knowledge close to us - our personal angelic guides, higher Self and the Ascended Masters! Here is some loving and sensible advice from them.

Becoming a Master


Lord Sananda

Blessings to you all my children, I am Sananda.

I see the Light of your auras. I see the Light of your Inner Being and I see that you are all attempting to become Masters, to become enlightened, to become empowered. It is wonderful that you are all on this journey. All of you are at different steps on the staircase, or at different paces down the road. But, you are all beginning on the journey and doing well!

But my dear friends, you must continue in your growth, if you are to succeed and truly become Masters of Light and therefore help humanity, as a whole. If you were to ask me, what were the three most important stages of Ascension, of Enlightenment, I would say to you, they are these three; First of all, Know thy Self; Secondly, Perfect thy Self, and thirdly; Empower Others.

I will talk about the first stage. As a Master, as a potential Master, you must know yourself. If you have illusions about your character, if you believe you are greater than you are, then you become arrogant and vain! Or if you believe you are lesser than you are, you are full of too much Humility and therefore cannot help and teach others. You need to become an independent observer of your behaviour. You need to be able to step outside of your self and look at yourself objectively, to see your faults and see your virtues. Increase those virtues within you and work on changing your faults!

Many people believe, that it is loveable, to have few faults, to be a little lazy, a little impatient, to have a hair trigger temper. But dear friends, if these same qualities were in a Master, you would be very critical of this! You would not like a Master to be arrogant, to be vain, to be selfish, to be lazy, to be angered easily. And if you to are to become a Master of Light or a Lightworker, as you call it, at the Highest Dimension, then you need to begin to truly look at your self, to work as you would say, on your self and this is where perfecting yourself is so important.

Perhaps you will not gain 100% perfection in this Life, but you can certainly begin on the process! Again by being Brave and Courageous enough to truly look at your faults and see how you stop the Light from coming in. I would suggest dear friends that you think of yourselves as mighty Lighthouses. You know the Lighthouses that protect the little ships at sea, from crashing on the rocks. There they stand, mighty and proud, with a beautiful Light within, but if the windows or the reflective mirrors of the Lighthouse are dimmed or covered with dirt and dust and debris, then the Light cannot shine out! And this is the same, as with your selves. If you do not look at your faults, your negativity, your problems around you and work on them and shine up those mirrors and windows, then your own Inner Light cannot shine out and help others and save others from crashing on the rocks!

So please be brave, please be courageous. Look at your faults and begin to work on changing those faults into virtues. Begin to be kinder, more humble, but at the same time use the strength within you, to work towards the Light. Give out unconditional love where you can. If you can see patterns in your life that have been destructive in the past, which now can be instructive, once you can reach deep within them and see the real cause of any misery in your life, you can change that pattern around to one of positively. In the future you can teach others how to release themselves from these patterns.

Look at your body, your mind, look at your soul, see how they could all be worked on to perfect yourselves. Please begin the process, for this is why you have incarnated! So that you can perfect yourselves on all levels.
Thirdly, I would say, Empower Others! For by empowering others, you empower yourselves. By teaching others, you teach yourself. By healing and counselling others, you heal and counsel yourself! You do not do these things in order to empower yourself. You do them out of unconditional love! But the end result is, that as others become full of Light around you, so your Light increases! But, you cannot empower others, if you do not know yourself or begin the process of perfecting yourself. For otherwise, you are a teacher in word only and not in heart!

Have you any questions, friends, you would ask me?

Q 1. My question is, I have read recently, that to be a channeller you need to put your own Ego aside. How can we tell if the channeller is doing that?

A 1. Yes, putting the Ego aside is the greatest challenge, as you say, to any one who wishes to channel or to make true direct contact with Spirit. Because the Ego wants you, to be in a third dimensional world. Therefore the Ego will often influence messages you receive, so that you remain comfortable in your third dimensional world and do not attempt to go any higher spiritually. Therefore, the Ego will often put its own input into the message. So that you back up, as you would say, your own desires, your own wants. Because you are new to channelling, new at direct contact with Spirit, then you believe that these messages are coming pure from Spirit and not from your own subconscious mind. By practice, by true scrutiny of the messages, by truly being honest with yourself, you will soon find where you go into fears and where Spirit, as you would say, is pushed aside.

If you keep on your journey and ask Spirit to give you a higher and higher percentage of Spirit input and a less percentage of your own input, if you can get your Ego to work with you and not against you, if the Ego does not see your Spiritual development as a threat to IT, but instead works with you to increase your Spiritual input, then indeed your messages become of a higher and higher degree of factuality! Does this help?

Yes, Thank you.

Q 2. But how do we discern the different messages we hear?

A 2. It is with many Lightworkers, as with many, as you have perhaps heard the saying, ‘A little bit of knowledge is dangerous!' Well it is so with many people, that on first contact Spirit, they are so overwhelmed by the experience, that they immediately think that they are the world’s greatest channeller! They begin to channel to everyone, and give out messages willy-nilly, without any objectivity, as to how much is their own input. It is our wish that a person beginning to channel, begins to look at the message. Scrutinise the message! See how correct they are in the message, the clarity of message, how true it feels and if their own input, is there within the message.

In time, if one practises, if one as you would say, commits one self to channelling, to a large degree, if one makes sure that the content is pure and also again, as I said before, about the Lighthouse, if the windows and the reflective mirrors are clean within yourself, that is as you begin to perfect yourself, then the message will become of a higher and higher degree of accuracy! This is the way to do it. As with all things, intention and purpose and action!

Blessings to you daughter.

Q 3. My question is, please Sananda, it seems at the moment, lots of people are having many different emotional problems, in their lives. Why is this?

A 3. A part of the process of Enlightenment, Ascension as you call it, is working up, as you know, through your chakra system. If you look at the issues, over the last few hundred years, they have mainly been to do with willpower issues. That is why you have had Wars. That is why there has been clamouring for land etc or the discovery of gold. Why people have wanted one thing and have put others under their dominion to get it, to obtain it. But, now that Humanity, as a whole, is rising up to the Heart, it needs to learn about conditional and unconditional love. The way to learn about unconditional love is for Spirit, to present many problems in your life, of a relationship type. Whether they are with lovers, husbands, wives, children, parents, friends etc. But for you to work through issues of love for many different people.

This is why so many people are being tested at this time, with emotion. The fourth dimension that you are all entering into is one of emotion. But it is not just emotion. To enter into the fifth, which is that of Masterhood, you need to have Control of emotion. Therefore many people are being presented with many issues that tear at their hearts and make them sad, joyful one minute, down in the depths of despair the next. It is all learning and experience.

But once you realise this, at a deeper level, as you begin to watch the patterns that have caused you sadness within your relationships, begin to change those patterns, begin to perceive a higher intent to your life and to your relationships, then you will find much of this sadness disappears and then you can work on, as you would say, to the higher chakras and therefore a higher union with Spirit! Does this help you?

Q 4. How are we to screen incoming messages that are coming to us from different Spiritual sources? Is it that unconditional love, is the screen to use?

A 4. It is one of the ways. But I would suggest with unconditional love, that is the use of the heart chakra, also bring in the chakra of the third eye [brow] of the mind, as you would say. It is as we have said many times, you need a bridge between the heart and the mind! Because the heart can overwhelm. I am sure you have all known of many people, who have had the greatest intent, the most loving desire to help Humanity and have perhaps rushed out and began huge projects, involving much money and time and effort and have had the whole thing crash around them and have been very disappointed. Yet, they have worked from unconditional love.

What they have not done, is use the asset of the mind! Humanity was given a brain, a mind, also to act realistically with events. You also have the mind there, to remember experiences in the past and to learn from other peoples’ experiences, as well. For there is much wisdom that you have in your books or from verbal input from friends etc. So you need to do both. You need to use unconditional love, as you would say, as a sieve, but you also need to use your mind to look at the messages coming in. To look at what you are getting in. Say, "Is this benefiting me? Is it benefiting others or is it somehow scrambled, is it somehow my own desires being mixed?"

And I believe in time, if you keep at it, as with all things, practice makes perfect!

Blessings to you Son.

Q 5. What does unconditional love mean?

A 5. It means loving every being! And that is not just Humanity, but every life form! Every part of your Earth, every part of your universe, as much as you would love the dearest child in your life, your own daughter or son or your own partner! It is having no barriers to Race, to Age, to Religion! It is loving ALL with a purity of heart. Of wanting the best, helping everyone, everything, to its full potential and holding nothing back! That is truly unconditional love. Does that help?

Have you more questions for me friend?

Yes if I may.

Q 6. How can we practice unconditional love, even if there are people we do not like?

A 6. The way to do this is to love the inner being of ALL Humanity. To love the soul, that is truly there. That has forgotten its greatness, once it has incarnated. That now behaves badly, barbarously, at a lower level. If you love the soul, that is sufficient. You do not have to like every individual that you come into contact with. For many people are unlikable. Many people are in many ways unlovable. Many people perform acts of cruelty etc which you cannot accept in a loving way! But if you truly love the soul and wish for that soul to rise higher, to recognise its true being, then that is sufficient. That is what is called unconditional love! Does this help?

If there are no more questions dear ones, I will depart.

As always, it is wonderful to speak to you all.

Blessings to you all. Till we meet again.



Earth Changes

image-532061-Earth Changes   volcano image.jpg?1446538994642

"I am frightened of violent Earth Changes. Please help!"

Answered by

Mother Mary

First of all, my child, do not be afraid of things that might happen. This is a waste of emotional energy. This is a benevolent Universe and if you think you will be safe, you will be! There has been much sensational matter written about Earth Changes in the last few years, as if earthquakes, tidal waves etc have never occurred before!

However, until humankind can learn to affect the weather conditions by conscious mind control (and it can be achieved!) you will have to be tolerant of Gaia's shaking and quaking. I do not believe that you and most people have written into their Life Plan that they perish in Earth Changes - you have far too much to achieve in your lifetime.

But of course, some beings do choose to leave this incarnation by dying in volcanic eruptions or other violent earth movements, however do realise that they choose this as a spectacular exit for themselves! It is not thrust upon them by some angry God figure! Many new souls incarnating onto Earth, only want to remain for a short time and choose disasters, as a means of returning quickly to the Heavenly realms.

One thing to remember, dear one, is that the Earth, Gaia does have a symbiotic relationship with humanity. When humans are angry and restless, she also picks up these vibrations and reacts similarly. Therefore promote peace, wherever you can. So do not be afraid, my dear. The Divine Spirit knows your wishes and strives to keep you safe.

Love Mother Mary

Walk Ins

Q 1. I have heard of Walk-Ins what are they?

A 1. “Walk Ins” as a psychic phenomena, are rare, but do occur. Take the case of a person contemplating suicide - the soul or spirit of the person may decide to leave the physical body, as they have had quite enough of physical Earth! Spiritually, they arrange with someone of the same soul group, who has not yet incarnated to Earth, to take over the body when they exit it. The Walk in is usually a more spiritually advanced being and does not wish to go through the physical human stages of birth, childhood, adolescence etc. They want a fully-grown adult body to work with!

That is why in the few known cases of Walk-Ins, the person (usually after a very dramatic life threatening episode) seems to have changed to another personality. The new spirit within the body takes on many of the memories and responsibilities of the old spirit, but may reject many of the earlier ethics and relationships of the physical human. Usually they begin to live and speak in a much more spiritual manner.

Q 1. Are my dreams real or just fantasy?

Answered by 

Master Joachim and The Abbotts

An excerpt from our book: The Power of Dreams.

A 1. "The spiritual explanation of dreams however, is very different to the scientific explanation! When you fall asleep, your astral body, free of the mind restrictions of the 3rd dimension, emerges out of your physical body and travels in an unlimited way around the Earth, into space, back or forward in time or up to the higher dimensions.

This astral or starry body is still attached to the physical sleeping body by a long silver chord that can expand to infinity and retract when needed. Many clairvoyants have observed both the astral body and the silver chord, emerge from a person's physical body, while they are sleeping or meditating.

Often when the astral body returns to the physical body (especially if the person is in a hurry to wake up) the body jerks violently, on waking. You may have felt this thud, as your astral body returns to your awakening body, in the morning or after a light nap.

Often, if the astral body returns too quickly, (perhaps you have been unexpectedly awakened by a strange noise or an alarm clock), it does not perfectly line up with the physical body and you may feel 'out of sorts' all day. This may continue until you fall asleep the next night and the astral body realigns itself! If this happens to you, try to have a little nap and realign the astral and physical bodies, as soon as possible. In deep meditation, some people can learn to realign the bodies, by visualising them, slowly lining up.

Most people tend to think of the third dimension, as the only 'real' life-state, and the dream world as one of illusion, but this is incorrect. All humans began their first Earthly incarnations, hundreds of thousands of years ago, as ethereal beings who could exist in many different dimensions. They could inhabit the bodies of humans or animals in the 3rd dimension, float around the fourth dimension without the limitations of a physical body, travel to fifth or higher dimensional planets for guidance and information, then return to the third dimension, when they so desired.

However, as humankind became more grounded, they lost the ability to travel out of their physical, third dimensional bodies, at will. Their only escape was while they slept at night. Soon even this became muddled and confusing and people began to dismiss this dream-state, as merely fantasy and illusion. This invaluable route to the higher dimensions was effectively cut off and dismissed as insignificant!

Thankfully, some small pockets of people realised the great significance of the dream world and the many opportunities for mental and spiritual growth that it offered to humanity. These were usually the shamans, high priests, clairvoyants and soothsayers who used this astral travelling for prophecies, predictions, communicating with the Gods and speaking to the dead. They were revered within their societies, as being special and gifted. The ordinary person no longer believed that they were capable of tuning into their own dream-states for higher reasons.

Many native peoples however, realised that this dream world, was as important, as their own physical world. One tribe of Native American Indians would sit around the campfires each morning, relating their dreams to one another and deciphering their special meanings.

The ancient Israelites and Egyptians respected prophetic dreams and their gifted interpreters. Do you recall, Joseph of the Coat of Many Colours who solved the problem of the Pharaoh's persistent dream, of lean and fat years, for the country of Egypt? He won his freedom from slavery and gained great riches, by his accurate deciphering of the strange, prophetic dream.

Julius Caesar's wife dreamt of his death, on the steps of the Roman Senate, the night before it occurred. Abraham Lincoln's wife also dreamt of her husband's assassination, not long before it happened. Many great inventors have dreamt of their inventions in detail, and then converted their dream to reality!

Yet many people still deny the higher uses of their dream-state, considering it as being insignificant and pure illusion. They are simply not aware of the wonderful things that can be achieved in this unique reality.
Here is a brief channelling from the Master Joachim, explaining to us, some of the wonders of the dream world.

The dream world is a marvellous place that you can visit each night or when you take a little nap, in the daytime. You think it is a trivial fantasy world of little merit, but this is not so, dear friends!

Long ago, you inhabited this world of utter freedom. Without your heavy physical bodies, you were all able to astral travel, wherever you wished, in the blink of an eye! By believing that you are merely a Being with a heavy physical body, you are denying your angelic roots. Yes, enjoy your third dimensional physical body, but also do begin to realise, the wondrous possibilities that your astral body can display to you.

Learn to send your Spirit self out of your restrictive human body and soar wherever you like - to the stars, around your Earth, visit friends that have passed over to the heavenly realms, go see a Master or Archangel, visit the Akashic records, (where so much knowledge is stored), and use your amazing psychic energies, to help others on your planet and help old Gaia (Earth) as well!

There are so many remarkable experiences awaiting you, in your dream-state. Don't let the opportunities pass, for acquiring greater knowledge and higher spiritual growth!"

Living In The Fifth Dimension

Q 1. How can I create a special lifestyle for myself that is spiritually based and makes me happy?

A 1. "We have been told, by many different Ascended Masters that a single Life Mission is so complex, that even if you synchronized all of the computers, in the world today, they still could not work out the list of probable outcomes involved in an average persons life! How amazing is that?

But, please don’t let this deter you, from finding your True purpose in life. From the many Billions and Billions of possible directions, you can take in your life. Only one of them is perfect. The secret to Life, is finding that single Path of Light and living it.

To many people, this may sound like an impossible task… but it is not! It is possible, anything and everything is possible. Therefore, don’t let your own doubts and fears stop you, before you get started. This is because, once you begin to search for your Path of Light, then personal growth and change must occur and your Ego will try and prevent this, from happening. It will try and influence you, to go back to your old ways, where IT was in control. Always, be vigilant of how your Ego is trying to negatively influence you and keep you limited, in all areas of your life.

Perhaps, one of the simplest and best ways, to find your Path of Light in life, is to each time, you have to make a decision, ask yourself,

"Is this for the highest good of all concerned?”

If, after carefully thinking about the situation, you decide on a course of action and if that course of action flows, if there are no hindrances along the way, if you intuitively feel deep within your heart and your mind that you have made the right decision, then the decision that you have made, was the right decision for you, at that time. If you practice this simple decision making process, as often as you can, you will quickly transform your entire lifestyle, into one of inner peace and harmony.

Also, by making personal decisions that are based upon the spiritual truth of, "for the highest good of all concerned", you will be ensuring that you do not create any further negative karma for yourself, that would need to be repaid, at a later time.

It is envisaged that as more and more people around the world, begin to awaken to their True purpose in life, that of living their Life and World Plans, to their full potential, then everyone and everything, will benefit. There does not have to be winners and losers, in life. Everyone can be a winner; it's just, that we have to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start working together, for a higher good. Unity is the name of the game, in the 21st century."


A sign of spiritual progress

Q 1. "How can I know if I am making any spiritual progress? Any hints?"

A 1. One of the steps in your spiritual growth, is that of becoming more empathetic. What is empathy? It is the ability to sense and feel someone else's feelings, as if they were your own. Many people muddle up empathy with sympathy. The sight of a puppy with a sore paw pulls at their emotions or they cry because someone else is grieving. This denotes sympathy not empathy.

Many very kind-hearted people for instance, would be very upset if something bad happened to their family or countrymen, but can actively hate other people from foreign counties or have no sympathy towards people of other religions, who find themselves in peril and misfortune. This commonly happens in war, when people become very patriotic and have great sympathy for their own army personnel who are injured or under threat, but give no thought to the unhappiness and distress of the soldiers, in the opposing army.

When you can truly feel and understand that there should be Unity between ALL people and that every person is truly joined to you on a higher spiritual level, then your enemies become your brothers and the civilian person caught up in the war, even if they are on the opposing side, become your sisters and children!
This is a truly difficult virtue to develop, because it is almost in complete opposition to nationalism, jingoism, religious superiority and chauvinism. All values that your society and country try actively, to instill in you. Your society leaders do not want you to feel empathy for your enemy, see that all religions are viable and work towards Unity. It takes a strong, spiritual warrior to not fall for the party line and instead take a Higher stance!

The American Indians used to talk about, "walking for a mile in someone else's moccasins, to truly understand them!" We suggest that as a spiritual person that you develop your imagination to its fullest. Imagine how it feels to be a refugee from a war torn country. Imagine how it feels to go through a nasty divorce, lose a child to death, develop a serious illness, suffer starvation or live in an unjust regime. Don't just have sympathy for the person, become them, empathize for a short while! It will help you to understand their plight.

Once you develop true empathy in your life, you will never treat people in the same way again. How can you think badly of the person who takes your parking spot, when she is your 'sister'? How can you get mad at the plumber who lets you down - he is your 'brother'. The badly behaved toddler at the restaurant is your 'child' and even the snappy dog is your 'pal'! You begin to understand that all these people have life problems, like you and you try to make allowances for them and help them where possible, just as you would help your own 'family'. Empathy allows you to understand and actively help these people, sympathy just commiserates with them.

Of course you don't let people walk all over you. You would soon tell your 'sister'" that she was not behaving appropriately, but you don't stop loving her. And of course this is what empathy really is - unconditional love plus compassion and deep understanding. When you begin to truly live your life with empathy, you will realise that you have made a tremendous leap forward in your spiritual growth and your life will be richer for it!

The Question of Ritual


Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin is the Ascended Master of Compassion and Healing.

Blessing to you my children. I am Kwan Yin.

The question has been asked how important is ritual in the work of Light. I will begin by discussing, how important ritual has been in the past. All religions employ rituals in order that people become focused on the task. I’m sure that many of you here, have attended, perhaps Carols by Candlelight, or an Earth Ceremony- a christening or a wedding and have observed the rituals that take place.

Many of these rituals have come down through the ages and many of them are thousands of years old. The combined energies of the people, who engage in these rituals, help to raise, as you would say, the vibration around them. So that if you attend a marriage ceremony, you are uplifted by the words that are spoken. Or if you attend a funeral, you often feel great sadness and despair, as your vibration mingles with others.

In the past, it has been important, since the written word was known only to a few, that through ritual, ideas, expression, connecting with God was passed down, because it was so formalised. But, if you live now as you do, as present day Lightworkers, how important then, is ritual to you now? Oh yes, your vibration rate can still be raised by doing a similar act with others. But, I would suggest to you that there is great negativity also, that has come from rituals. For what has happened in the past is that eventually people began to employ shamans and priests - others to take on the power of rituals - others to do their spiritual work!

And, my dear friends, it is truly a fact, that no one else can do your spiritual work for you. Your pathway must be stepped along, strolled along, only by you! Others can encourage and help, but getting a priest to say a prayer for you, getting a priest to speak to God for you, getting a priest to absolve your sins - this in not right! You all have immediate, spontaneous connection with Spirit, with God.

There is no need for someone else, to be an intermediary for you. Also, when you perform a ritual that has lost its meaning, then indeed you are not raising your vibration or Light. Many people, daily perform rituals that mean nothing to them. Many people go to churches regularly, yet they leave with no feeling of elation, no feeling of spiritual contact. These are meaningless rituals.

As Lightworkers, Awakened Ones, you must be aware that you're coming into a special time frame on your Earth, establishing what you would call 'now time' or simultaneous time. You are not so connected to the past, or to the future. It is therefore a time to, as you would say, discontinue many antiquated rituals. A famous Taoist once said, 'Why do people always turn to the past? Why do they cling to the ancient ways? Would you wear the same clothes that you wore when you were 4 or 5 years old?' Think about it friends. Just because a ritual is 2,000 or 3,000 years old, does not mean that it is meaningful for those who now live in the 21st Century!

If you must have rituals in your life, establish new innovative rituals - ones that have meaning for you. If you do this with your own internal power or with others that feel the same, then you are truly creating an enlightening experience. And once the ritual has become too formalised, has lost its power, then please cease to be involved with that ritual. Many of you may use affirmations, to encourage yourself to bring into manifestation what you need and this may excite you at first, but, if you find the affirmations indeed become stale and that you feel they lose their power then, please discontinue them.

As Light workers your power is immediate, it is within you, it is awakening strongly. You do not need others to increase that power, except in unusual circumstances. Your connection with God is immediate! You do not need others to intervene for you.

Certainly, keep on searching for advice. Searching for teachers that will help to encourage you, to greater heights of Light inducement within you. But again, do not be caught up in meaningless rituals. Do not spend hours doing something that only takes a second. You do not need magic stones. You do not need magic wands. You do not have to perform strange and intricate rituals each morning, to connect with God. All you need to do is to immediately send your thought and loving thoughts to God, and open up your inner ears and listen for your reply.

So I would say on the whole dear friends - the time of ritual has ended, other than those that you create for a very short period of time.

I know realistically, that being in the 3rd to 4th dimensions, as you are now, you must make some long range plans or goals etc., but if you are not attached to them, just turning out the way you expect, then indeed, if these long range plans fall by the wayside, you are not hurt or upset by them doing so. Flow with life, flow with the energy of the moment, when you decide to do something. Then go with that flowing feeling. If it feels right, as you would say, do it! If you think there are impediments, blocks along the way, then stop, rest a while, then perhaps you will decide to flow in another direction entirely.

Do not give too much energy to the past, because you cannot change the past, as it's happened, and do not give too much energy to the future saying - I will not enjoy myself till next year! I will not do such and such, till next year. But, how do you know that you’ll be on Earth next year? Indeed flow with the impulse at the moment, flow with the energy of the deed. And this is why rituals will become, as I have said, antiquated because they are past time. They are another person’s way of doing things. Do things your way that seem instinctively and intuitively right!

You all come in, as you would say, with hang-ups, problems, blocks from former lifetimes, in which you did not love yourselves enough. Perhaps, you have taken on some childhood patterns of others that maybe, are not working. But, dear ones, you are all diamonds within yourselves, beautiful diamonds, emeralds, rubies. I look along this room - topaz, sapphires, the Inner Light that you all have, that is radiated out in your auric field, shows me what wonderful souls you are! You are all sparkling, divine. Therefore you should love yourself, as you would love the Divine Creator and you should therefore try to improve yourself, in many, many ways making yourselves the beautiful gemstones you are. The beautiful sparks of light, you truly are. You are all very lovable.

A lot of people are picking up information from past lives, through which you learn little rituals that help. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about rituals that large masses of people involve themselves in, that give no enlightening or uplifting feeling, but they feel that they must do it. There are beings that perhaps, you know are involved. They feel they must do it or somehow they will be lost forever into the darkness, but somehow, they feel no difference afterwards. They get no joy from those valuable times and indeed they are falling down, as you would say, they are wasting valuable time, which could be spent on another spiritual pursuit.

Those that go to churches, because they feel that if they don’t go every Sunday, somehow they will end up in as you would say in Hades or hell. But, they get no joy by being there. They do not touch the souls of others, while they're there. They do not increase their power. And again this is meaningless ritual. But, those that go to church and are joyful and loving and get great upliftment from it, then, indeed that ritual has worked for them.

I would say to you - look at your rituals. That is the idea. See what uplifts you, see what makes you really feel alive and connected to Spirit and if these little rituals that you are doing for healing, are working fine for you then, that is great!

But, be not attached to them. Allow the time to come, when you suddenly find that you don’t need these rituals; when you are so confident in your own healing abilities within yourself that you radiate the light automatically without the rituals involved. Do you understand what I mean? It is a progression of confidence and faith and then, you can drop your ritual!

Love and Light

Kwan Yin


Q 1. Is self-realisation as a life purpose, superior to any other life goals or purposes?

A 1. Dear ones, it should be equal to your helping humanity - they both should be in balance. Self-realisation or enlightenment, as you could call it, means helping humanity to also reach the same higher spiritual goal. Some people feel that by speeding ahead to their own self-enlightenment, they will then be able to return and help others in the process and this is can be so. But if you look at the great leaders on your Earth plane, such as Buddha, or Jesus, or Mahavira, what many of them have done, is to at the same time, while striving for enlightenment in their own life, influenced those around them to also lift themselves up to the Light - to also become enlightened.

And it is said that it was also a promise of Buddha that he would not ascend into Heaven, until the last person on Earth was enlightened. So you see, the two chores go hand in hand. Each of you here on Earth, has the purpose of becoming enlightened and this is available to all of you. At the same time, enlightenment normally comes with an expansion of the heart chakra which is unconditional love and this cannot normally be achieved, until you place humanity on the same level as you and truly become one with all humanity. So yes, they are equally important, my dear.

Kwan Yin

What Would You Leave Heaven For?

Dear friends, this is your old friend Joachim come to have a little chat with you and ask the question - What would you leave Heaven for? What would tempt you to come to Earth in human form and live in discomfort and often pain and suffering? For you are all aware that Heaven is an ideal place of comfort, joy, love and everything you want, so why would you come down to Earth? What would you leave Heaven for?

I am sure that you agree with me that it would have to be for a very important reason, not just a whim! Eighty years of hardship is not a paltry thing to endure! So why would you choose to leave? Think about it dear friend. You didn’t leave to have the latest car, the biggest house, lots of money or fancy holidays, after all these things can be easily manifested in Heaven with a mere thought! There must have been a better reason than material greed!

You may have come down in human form to repay karmic debts to those you have misused in past lives or those who misused you and need to repay you with kindness. A way of balancing up the karmic books!

Or you may have decided to learn new lessons about love, sharing, compassion, etc and Earth is the best place to experience a range of situations concerning these issues. You would do this to perfect yourself. For don’t we all need a little perfection in our lives?

Some people think that they may have just incarnated to Earth, because Heaven is so boring with all that sitting on clouds playing harps nonsense! Ha! What a strange view of Heaven you have! It is a dynamic, loving active place of serenity, security and peace! Contradictory, yes! It is all you want it to be and more!
So why would an angel with everything at its fingertips, leave Heaven?

Compassion and love dear friends, that is why! Think of it. In Heaven you have everything, but those on Earth still live in misery, starvation, disease and confusion. Wouldn’t you with your higher angelic nature, want to come down and help these poor unfortunates? Of course, you would! How can you enjoy all the pleasures of Heaven, while your fellow souls, stranded on Earth cry out in pain! This is why you leave Heaven, to help!

But this is the sad fact, dear angels, that once you enter the human body at birth, you completely forget why you came! Amnesia comes over you and you forget that you are an angel with a mission! You may have come down to heal the sick, teach, create unity or something else, but now you just concentrate on your own needs - the new car, the overseas holiday, the new clothes and the sick and sad are forgotten. You left Heaven for a mighty mission and now you are just wasting the time on trivial material satisfaction!

And the sad fact is many people do this for ninety years or so! Completely forgetting why they came and what they came to do! Don’t let this happen to you, dear angels, wake up now! Make sure that your great sacrifice in leaving Heaven wasn’t just to lust after trivial things or sit around complaining how boring life is! Get on with it now and make your sacrifice count!

How to do this? Learn to meditate and ask for guidance from your angelic helpers as to your Life Mission. What is it and how can you begin it? Try the meditation below.

Never sheepishly say, "I left Heaven for a new fridge or a new lounge or for a car or something else trivial." Instead proudly say, "I left Heaven to help raise the Light on Earth, to make it a little more like Heaven!" Then indeed you have left Heaven for a worthy cause!



Meditation to Discover Your Life Mission

Close your eyes and breathe three (3) deep breaths.

Begin to slowly relax your head.
If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, and then relax it.
Begin to slowly relax your neck.
Begin to slowly relax your shoulders.
Begin to slowly relax your chest.
Breathe slower and lighter.
Begin to slowly relax your back.
If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, and then relax it.
Begin to slowly relax your upper arms.
Begin to slowly relax your elbows.
Begin to slowly relax your hands and fingers.
Begin to slowly relax your stomach and lower back.
If a muscle feels tight, tighten it further, and then relax it.
Begin to slowly relax your thighs and pelvis.
Begin to slowly relax your upper legs.
Begin to slowly relax your knees and lower legs.
Begin to slowly relax your feet and toes.

Now allow all the stored energy in your body to drain out from your fingers and toes into space.
Visualise it as a green energized light.

Relax and still your mind.

Now state to the Universe (God, Spirit, your Deity) that -

"I wish to understand my true angelic mission and why I came to Earth, now!"

Relax and maintain this calmness for ten minutes.

Then -
Begin to slowly tighten your head.
Begin to slowly tighten your neck.
Begin to slowly tighten your shoulders.
Begin to slowly tighten your chest.
Begin to slowly tighten your back.
Begin to slowly tighten your upper arms.
Begin to slowly tighten your elbows.
Begin to slowly tighten your hands and fingers.
Begin to slowly tighten your stomach and lower back.
Begin to slowly tighten your thighs and pelvis.
Begin to slowly tighten your upper legs.
Begin to tighten your knees and lower legs.
Begin to tighten your feet and toes.
Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.
Do not get up quickly or you may feel dizzy!

Practice this exercise daily for one week until you become easily relaxed and feel that the Universe has accepted your request.

Your answers may come as coincidences, nudges, in dreams, direct voice contact or opportunities opening-up for you.

Accept the ones that appeal to you and use your angelic talents for the good of humanity and the planet!

It is said of prayer, ‘That this is you talking to God. Meditation is God's chance to talk back to you!’

The Lightworker Pledge

Within my heart, I know what is right and wrong.

After journeying far and wide, I now realise, that I need to find a higher purpose and direction to my life.

No longer am I content, to wait for other people, to bring love, peace and equality into my life.

I need to act now, to save myself and the planet, we are playing on.

No longer will I think to myself, “What can I get out of this?"

Cooperation is the name of the game.

From this time onwards, I will begin to take control of my life, I will take full responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions.

I will make the effort to find other people like myself, those that want to make the world a better place.

Working together, we will make our dreams come true.

This is my promise to You.

Starting Your Divine Mission at Any Age!

Many people ask us, are they too old to discover their Divine Mission? i.e. the reason they incarnated to Earth. At sixty and beyond they feel, particularly if they have reached retirement age that they cannot give full time effort to any particular work that they may have intended to do in this life.

They realize that many of them have been distracted by raising families, following professions and creating a successful lifestyle. They are pleased with what they have achieved, but feel something is missing. From visits to us, they realise that they have purposely turned their backs on the Divine Plans that they set for themselves (pre-life). But let us emphasize to you - It is never too late to begin your Divine Missions!

In fact with all the great wealth of experience that you have gained through sixty or more years on Earth, you are now ready to finally begin it!

Divine Missions are not like regular work, they are not on a 35 hour a week basis and often you don't get paid in money, but instead in happiness and fulfilment!

Many of you have great skills that you have developed throughout you lifetime, why let them go to waste. If you are a nurse, why not volunteer once a week to visit the elderly or donate your valuable expertise to another institute.

If you are an accountant, why not offer your skills to a charity and do their annual tax returns for free. If you are a homemaker, why not offer your caring skills to organisations and charities who are always looking for volunteers. You can make a difference and enhance the lives of others with only a few hours a week voluntary from you!

Many people don't like to do voluntary work, feeling they should be paid for their efforts, yet feel disgruntled with retirement golf and gardening. The personal uplifting rewards that you get from using your honed skills to better the lives of others will give you much more satisfaction than tame retirement activities that soon bore you.

Being needed and making new friends, through voluntary efforts, can actually help you to live longer. It keeps the hormones pumping, the body healthy and the brain cells working. If you don't wish to work with people, why not offer your talents to charities that work with animals or the environment. You can make a difference!

Finally a quote from Lady Kwan Yin an Ascended Healing Master -

"The greatest seers are often of a venerable age; look at Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Merlin and Moses. You can bring your gifts to others, advice, skills and life experience and they can help create a better world.
Let your greatest joy come in your old age when you truly express who you have become! Love has no age limit!"

Look not at what you want to be, but instead, at who you want to be!!!

Dear friends, so many of you are misguided about life! You still think it’s about riches, success and sex appeal. You think he who dies the richest, wins! She, who is the most successful in business, wins! And those with the most admirers, win! And nothing could be further than the truth, my dear children! These are not angelic traits and you are angelic! These are third dimensional materialistic symptoms of a confused soul. Now let me please, unconfuse you!

Now let me begin by telling you about two people, one the manager of a large corporation and the other a street sweeper. One earns millions of dollars a year, has a large house and a beauty queen wife. That is the street sweeper! Ha, ha, just joking, seeing if you are awake! Of course it is our manager.

Now the other man, the street sweeper, earns a basic wage; has a small, but cosy home and a loving wife. Who do you think is the happiest and the most angelic? It is the street sweeper, not the rich manager!

For happiness is, surprisingly to some, not dependent on financial income but self-contentment. What do I mean by self-contentment? This is the ability, the angelic ability of accepting the role you are in and enjoying it to its fullest. While maintaining self joy, love and respect!

Our road sweeper loves his wife, is content with his job, feels good about himself and has created a life he wants. He goes to bed at night with an easy conscience, is friends to everyone and where possible, does kind acts of love whenever he can. He helps an elderly couple to paint their rooms and repair their roof. He visits the orphans at the local orphanage and helps out where he can. Everyone loves the road sweeper for his kind heart, respectful nature and generous spirit. He has truly become an angelic person!

On the other hand, our poor-in-spirit manager, has a hard heart and never allows himself to feel compassion for others. His aim in life is to make as much money as he can. He doesn’t love his beautiful, young wife, but sees her as a symbol of his power. He doesn’t sleep well at night and has no genuine friends. No one admires the manager or likes him, instead they fear and despise him. He is not living his angelic being!

Who would you choose to be? One life is God inspired, one life is money inspired. One life is joyful, one life selfish. We must all at some point in life, decide which path do I take? The higher or the lower? Is my life concerned with what I want or who I am? And if I don’t like who I have become, it is time to change and become who I would like to be!

Only you can decide!

Decide well my children!

Blessings Joachim

P.S. The Abbotts

The recent death of Nelson Mandela, the great African advocate for equality and an end to racism should show us that you are never too old or incapacitated to do our life’s mission. This great man fought for social justice into his nineties! What can you do to honour your life and help others?
Your Uniqueness

"You are a spirit, part of the Godforce who has incarnated into a body on Earth at this time, in order to experience human life. If you can imagine the Divine Godforce as a huge energy force that is all knowing, all powerful and all loving, then realise that you are part of that Divine energy. A small droplet of Light that is part of the greater ocean of cosmic love and knowledge.

You volunteered to visit Earth and incarnate into a human body, to gain greater knowledge of how it feels to be a woman or man. You have already experienced what it is like to be a foetus, a baby, a child and a teenager. As your life progresses you will find out what it is like to be an adult and then an elderly person and then finally discard the fragile aged body and return to the great Ocean of Divinity, to share your knowledge.

Your experience of life is totally unique! No-one else has ever experienced being you! This time frame of the 21st century is unique! Your knowledge and experiences of life, love, hate, sex, religion and joy is something only you have experienced - so that you can relate to and you can share this knowledge with the collective spirits that make up the Godforce. You are an information gatherer on a wonderful unique journey.
Make sure that you enjoy the experience, it will never happen exactly the same again!"

Lord Sananda

Sage or Rage?

Dealing with Anger

Anger is one of the most destructive emotions that humans display. Whether it is the flash of temper when someone does something that you don't like; a deep burning resentment that follows you through your life or red hot anger that makes you lash out verbally and physically towards the object of your hatred. Often we feel debased and humiliated, when we realise that as spiritual people we have reacted in a very negative way to someone, particularly to those we ordinarily respect, love and like. We feel that we have betrayed the 'angelic being within us' by displaying these often overly emotional, angry outbursts.

But how can we overcome these anger rages and make our relationships with others both successful and peaceful? Is there a way? Yes, with a little help from Spirit, there is! Please read on…

Both the civil courts and divorce courts are full of people who are paying the penalty for enacting their rage. We have road rage, supermarket rage, e-mail rage, plane rage, postal rage and more. All these 'anger releases' are products of our life in the fast lane, in the 21st century. Many of them end in relationship breakdowns, physical abuse and even murders.

As we all become more stressed in our daily lives, often it will only take one small incident to cause a normally mature, well-balanced person to lose their temper in a spectacular way. Temper, anger and frustration build to a boiling point and it often takes only a casual comment or mild irritating action for someone to explode in senseless, devastating rage.

Anger can cause heart attacks and strokes. Frustration can cause hardening of the arteries and stomach ulcers. Deep psychological trauma, can be caused by a person containing anger over a long period of time. Your frustrations need a positive way of release!

Many people work in an environment that causes anger. 1 in 10 workers have had a violent episode with a work mate. Many traffic accidents are caused through misplaced anger. If you are angry at work you may unconsciously take this rage out into the traffic and cause an accident. People frequently store up anger at work or over failed relationships and often abuse their spouses or children in a misguided way of relieving their emotions. Many of us are not even aware that we are angry. We just know that something is not right in our busy lives!

Anger is located at several areas in the human brain and is often connected to the fight or flight syndrome. In the past, being angry may have helped us to escape from or go into combat with an aggressor by giving us a temporary 'rush of hormones and chemicals' that gave us superior strength or deadened pain. Rarely are modern men and women faced with such physical aggressive situations such as combat or attack, but the ancient responses still are contained within our brains and will react in the same way, when the car breaks down, your new baby cries too much or your spouse forgets to pick up the dry-cleaning!

Unfortunately we tend to learn to deal with anger by copying our parents. If they easily lost their tempers, we do too! Also your ego will try to have you 'lose control' in situations to stop you progressing and developing as an individual.

How then do you find out if you are truly harbouring anger and resentment within you?

Try our short quiz below -

A. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms on a daily basis?

Yelling. Screaming. Locked arms. Muttering. Tight jaw. Facial tics and tension. Arm waving. Kicking furniture. Throwing things. Pressure on the head and chest. (1 point for each symptom)

B. Do you have trouble with depression? Life doesn't feel worth living!
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

C. Do you have problems sleeping? Either too much (over 8 hours) or disturbed sleep.
Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

D. Do you hang on to angry thoughts about someone who has hurt you in the past?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

E. Do you have an eating disorder? Eat too much or too little?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

F. Do you avoid certain people or specific situations regularly?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

G. Are you often sick?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

H. Are you fascinated by weapons?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

I. Do you watch a lot of violent movies?
Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

J. Do you have big personality swings?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

K. Do you drink alcohol regularly to calm yourself down?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

L. Do you take illegal drugs regularly to escape from reality?
Yes - 5 points. No - 0 points.

M. Do you often lie?
Yes - 3 points. No - 0 points.

N. Has your personal hygiene declined?
Yes - 1 point. No - 0 points.

O. Do you regularly exercise?
Yes - 0 point. No - 5 points.

P. Do you regularly talk about your problems to someone else?
Yes - 0 point. No - 5 points.

Q. Do you regularly meditate?
Yes - 0 point No - 5 points

R. Can you talk rationally to anyone about minor conflicts?
Yes - 0 point. No - 10 points.

S. Can you talk rationally to anyone about major conflicts?
Yes - 0 point. No - 10 points.

T. Do you ever verbally abuse someone?
Yes - 10 points. No - 0 points.

U. Do you ever physically abuse anyone?
Yes - 10 points. No - 0 points.

Now please add up your score.

Don't cheat, this is to truly find out how angry you are!


71 to 121 points.

You need to look closely at your life. Your rage, frustration and anger levels are very high. Your life is full of anguish and hurt, but help is on the way! But this can all be turned around in time. Try our suggestions for a stress free life and help to lift your emotional burdens.

21 to 70 points.

A number of serious problems are indicated here. Your anger is stopping you from reaching your full potential. Try our suggestions for a stress free life and help to lift your emotional burdens.

0 to 20 points.

You are dealing with anger and frustration well. However, read our guidelines for further improving your 'rage level'!

How to De-Stress and Lose Your Anger!

As spiritual people we want to make the most of life and have positive relationships with others. Of course at times we all annoy each other. We would have to be saints not to! However, if you are living in a constant atmosphere of peace, fulfilment and spiritual joy, you will not store up negative feelings of anger and frustration and release them in one mighty rage. You will be able to cope well with other people's foibles and see them in true perspective something you may not be able to change, but something you can easily deal with in the short term. Remember always, that they are angelic beings first, then humans second. Love the angels that they are and be amused at the aggravating human traits they display!

To promote peaceful feelings within your self follow these daily guidelines -

1. Meditate twice a day in the morning and evening. This reduces stress levels.

2. Eat healthy foods. Too much red meat adds to your feelings of anger!

3. Exercise moderately each day. Go for a walk, swim or do something you enjoy.

4. Balance the four aspects of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Give effort, time and energy equally to all!

5. Begin to use your own personal skills and traits to help others. This will make your life so much more fulfilling!

6. Work on improving your spirituality! Spiritual people don't have to fight with others.

7. Practice being Unconditionally Loving towards everyone.

8. Try to always act and think from Highest Intent - what is best for everyone concerned?

9. Practice tolerance. Not everyone can think or act like you. They are individuals. Allow them their own space and make sure that you have your own!

10. Have fun. Go to a movie, play a sport, meet with friends. It will de-stress you!

11. If you are very depressed seek professional help. Feeling frustrated or violent? Time to act now in a positive way to get counselling. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trying to help others too! Perhaps they owe you karma!

12. If you have sleeping or eating problems also seek professional help. You are worth it!

13. Problems with alcohol and drugs, just to get through the day. Get professional help from Alcoholics Anonymous or Drug Rehab Counsellors.

14. Find friends and sympathetic groups who will help you and listen to your troubles. We all need someone to share the load!

15. Get some moral boosting by making the most of your physical appearance. Get a new hairstyle, new clothes and makeup!

16. Join a group or course and learn something new and interesting. Boredom often causes frustration and inner anger!

17. Join a charity. Helping others will help you to feel better!

18. Trouble approaching someone about a minor or major problem? Find a mediator who will help to present the problem and listen to both sides. Be ready to compromise for a peaceful solution.

19. Physically abusive? This really needs help. We suggest professional help for severe cases. But for a quick fix - when you feel angry go for a walk, quickly. Do a physical exercise. Release your anger in a safe, non-destructive manner. Get immediately out of the anger zone!

20. Verbally abusive. Again remove yourself from the anger zone. Do some deep breathing exercises. Write your grievances down - don't shout them!

21. Confrontations? Sit down, look person in the eye and explain it (the problem) from your personal and emotional point of view. Say "I feel …?... when this happens …." Don't blame or say "You do this, you feel this!"

22. Calm down before discussing problems. Never discuss major problems in the heat of the moment. Listen to the other person's point of view!

23. Prioritize just what is important in your life and only do a few important things a day. Don't overload yourself doing trivia!

24. Be angelic - forgive and forget! There are more important things in life! Humans err, angels forgive!

25. Pray for divine help with managing your anger. Every victory in peaceful negotiations is a morale booster for you!

A Final Word From Spirit on Anger

"Anger is a human trait that robs you of your spiritual power. If you are all part of the One, how can you be angry with yourself. Your brother is yourself. Your sister is yourself. The stranger is yourself. Forgive yourself. Talk to yourself and learn to understand yourself. Then you will have tolerance for everyone.

Let the only anger you use be that of divine anger against pain, suffering and cruelty. Let it inspire you to help others; to love others and to rid humankind of apathy and evil. 

All true sages are peace loving and tolerant. They hate no one. They have no rage within them. If you wish to be a true sage, a true master, then lose your anger and love instead."

Lord Sananda