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Psychic Subjects

By The Abbotts

We believe that everyone has psychic powers, including you! Part of our Divine Mission is to help people discover these amazing talents.

We have channelled many messages from The Ascended Masters about spiritual and psychic skills over the years.

Here is a unique collection of inspired Channellings concerning Self-Realization, Atlantis, Lemuria, Using Psychic Powers, Dream Work, Living in the 4th Dimension, Solving crimes through Psychic Powers, the Planetary Belt and much, much more!

This image from NASA was recently emailed to us and is called The Eye of God (the Helix nebula). Sit quietly and meditate while watching it. It is very reassuring!


Our channelled message concerning the EYE - "Enjoy this cosmic representation of the Omnipresent being who many call God. But notice that the eye watches you with kindness, warmth and love, not with coldness, cruelty or judgement. Fear not the scrutiny of God, but rejoice in the perpetual presence!"

Life on Mars?


NASA’s photographs of Mars have shown an image of a rat-like creature amongst rocks. The surface of Mars is around 55 degrees, but not too hot for a small mammal to exist in underground burrows. Evidence of water has also been found on the hot planet which could sustain life. Or is it just our imagination? What do you think?

Dinosaurs Alive!

image-527305-Wooly mammath  bones.jpg?1446020517396

Russian scientists have found blood in the frozen carcass of a 10,000 year old woolly mammal and with current cloning techniques; the ancient animal could be resurrected to live again. Is this a positive or negative trend? Or is it shades of Atlantean interference with nature?

Gemstone Power!

image-527306-Gem stones on white background.jpg?1446020661766

Gemstones have both mysterious and unique powers that the average person can use in his or her life. They can be used to enhance the dream state; help to relax and focus you in meditation; help in healing the body and mind; attract wealth to you and for easy spirit contact. So let’s investigate.

image-527309-Kyanite gemstone.jpg?1446020790239


Kyanite can be either blue or silvery/black in colour. You can buy slivers of it from a gemshop or on-line store, rather than a huge rock. In fact, too big a gemstone may interfere with your sleep state, if kept in the bedroom.

Kyanite is unique in that it never needs to be psychically cleansed, as most gemstones. It helps align the chakras or powerhouses of the body. It is mostly used in meditation and out of body experiences. It is useful for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travelling. In healing it is used to cleanse and heal the brain and adrenal system.

We have written two books and ebooks on the paranormal use of Kyanite; these include ‘Astral Travel - How to have Out-of-Body Experiences’ (ebook $9.99) and ‘Lucid Dreaming Course - Empower Your life!’ Just released! (ebook $9.99). Why not learn these amazing psychic skills today?

Kyanite is a truly paranormal gemstone!

image-527312-Moth man.jpg?1446020899996

Moth Man Mythology

A number of very strange occurrences were experienced by the citizens of Point Pleasant in West Virginia in the USA in 1964. A strange winged creature as large as a man (6 ft) with glowing red eyes was sighted by over 100 citizens of the town throwing the townspeople into fear. The sightings happened for a number of years and then the phenomena ceased. Three years later the town’s major bridge collapsed killing 46 people. Many people believe the moth man was trying to warn the townspeople of this shocking event. Was the Moth Man an angel or a 4th dimensional Being? What do you think?

image-527314-Starseed skull.jpg?1446021000431

The Starchild's Skull

The unusual skull of a child has been discovered by Lloyd Pye who believes that it is the skull of a Zeta Reticuli or Alien Grey. The skull has been proved not to be a deformed child but DNA tests have shown it is not of human origins with seemingly two alien parents. The skull is believed to be 900 years old and was discovered in a cave in Mexico by a woman in 1930’s, who kept it as an oddity for over 60 years. What do you think?

Time Travel Real or Fiction?

Q 1. Is it possible to time travel? I think I may have. It was only a few seconds but everything changed around me! Help! John B.

A 1. Yes, we do believe that it is possible. You may be interested in Time Travel and want to try it yourselves. Our new course “The Time Traveller’s Guide” may be right for you and only $9.99 as an ebook! Keep notes and see what happens!

The Global Consciousness Project

This is an amazing experiment by noted psychologist Professor Roger Nelson to chart the emotions and thoughts of the people on this planet. We would call the phenomena 'Planetary Consciousness'. Forty pieces sensitive electronic equipment set up in various countries around the Earth are believed to be effected by the thoughts and emotions of the masses, called "noosphere". Information is then sent back to Princeton U.S.A.
The equipment, Random number generators (RNGs) detectors, spiked at the death of Princess Diana and 9/11 disaster, even before news of these sad events had been known internationally. There is hope that in time future events can be monitored and who knows, even negative ones averted!

However, this is just another example of science finally catching up with what psychic pundits have known for thousands of years that we are all linked on some indefinable level and unconsciously respond to each other’s emotions and thoughts! The site for this experiment can be visited at http://noosphere.princeton.edu/

Spirit’s comments: "This is a time for scientists to finally "discover" what many spiritual people have known for millennia - you are all One and what effects one, affects everyone! So think and emote peace, compassion and hope!"

Spontaneous Combustion

Spontaneous Combustion is one of the strangest of bodily phenomenon, the incineration of a body without any apparent outside source of ignition. Over 200 cases have been cited in the last 300 years of this odd way to die. A small number of people have survived the strange occurrences but this is rare. A coroner, Ciaran McLoughlin in Dublin in September, 2011 ruled that a pensioner Michael Faherty 76, had died from spontaneous combustion after he was found dead burnt to death. The fire chief confirmed that there were no other causes for the man’s death such as cigarettes, lighters or open fires etc.

Often victims of this strange fate are found burnt to a fine ash after an intense internal heat had burnt their torso and head with often the legs remaining untouched. In many cases, the chair that they are sitting in is only scorched and the fire does not extend out into the room! The victims are typically alone when the ignition begins and do not appear to struggle.

Jules Verne and Charles Dickens wrote about the phenomenon in their books under the impression that it was a genuine occurrence. People have put forth many suggestions on the unusual deaths including - methane gas ignited by static electricity; nitrogen gas in the body ignited; cigarettes dropped while asleep and lightning bolts! But all have been found to be unviable suggestions.

We asked Spirit about this phenomena a few years ago and this is what Joachim an Ascended Master answered.

“Now you know that each person picks a date for their death, when they have learned all they can and have tired of life, well they can also pick their method of departure! Most people choose to leave quietly and calmly with no shock to their relatives and friends. However others, who have a good sense of humour or a need to shock, may choose to die through spontaneous combustion! After all it does make others think about death, something your society usually chooses not to do! They want to go out in a blaze! Sorry about the pun!
The thing to realise with such an extraordinary death is that (a) it doesn’t hurt and (b) it is quick! The person falls asleep; their body heats up and then begins to burn as their consciousness leaves their body.

Now you have probably heard of yogis who can adjust their body heat. They can sit naked in the snow and not feel the cold at all. And you have heard of menopausal women with their hot flushes. It is a similar phenomenon. It is a prehistoric skill that was meant to keep people alive who had to endure the cold in winter. Most of you have lost the talent, but in some it remains only as fevers when you are sick to eliminate the infection.

You can learn to activate it for comfort. But in others, like these spontaneous combustion deaths, the mechanism overheats and burns the body at their unconscious will. For others who survive, they have activated the heat controls unconsciously usually through hysteria, but dowsed it when it becomes dangerous! I hope this helps, 


image-527322-dragon 2a.jpg?1446021531089

Dragon Power!

Q 1. Are there such things as dragons?

A 1. We believe that they are 4th dimensional creatures that have broken through the 3rd dimensional barrier. And over the New Year I have written a quick read story about dragons. You might enjoy this tale “Dragons Lair” only $2.99!

Large Hadron Collider being Wrecked by People from the Future!

Scientists in Japan and Denmark, Dr Holger Bech Nielsen and Dr Masao Ninomiya, believe they can prove mathematically that there is "a ripple through time" which is preventing the multi-billion dollar atom smashing collider from working properly.

This is being done to prevent scientists finding the elusive Higgs boson or "God Particle" that will explain gravity and physical matter. The LHC has also worried scientists who at one time believed that it would eventually suck Earth into a black hole. Unfortunately or fortunately, the multi-billion dollar project has only run for a few hours before breaking down. Spirit interference or more? What do you think? An unnecessary risk or necessary, for future scientific research?

image-527325-chakra man sitting.jpg?1446021727007

Fourth Dimensional Effects

Blessings to you all, I am Kwan Yin.

Dear friends, I see that you are all feeling the effects of entering into the fourth dimension. Some of you, perhaps, feel a little dizzy, a feeling of spacey-ness, perhaps in the head, of disorientation, perhaps a little loss of memory etc. These are all the feelings that are natural as a third dimensional body begins to become more finely defined. I will speak a little tonight about the fourth dimension, because you people up here, on your beautiful Mountains, will feel the effects first, because the mountains themselves are a power centre, because they are crystalline based and they amplify many effects, particularly of a spiritual nature at this time.

So you are the vanguard, feeling these effects before it flows down on to the plains and into the cities. But of course they are still feeling some of this effect, this vibration, but you will feel it much stronger than they will. At this time as part of your life plan and a subconscious calling, you have been called to the beautiful Blue Mountains in order to feel these effects first, that you cope with them in a sensible way that you learn to control them, utilise them and integrate them into your life. So that in turn you can teach others about these effects, later on.

You have thought of going into the fourth dimension as somehow moving on to another plain of existence, almost entering on to another layer of development and this is true. Some of you have felt, as this happens, all around you will fall away and become different. In a way it will become different, but not because it is in the fourth dimension. But as you refine you body, as your Lightbody comes to more and more of a prominence within you, you take on a different perception of what life is about. You begin to see with clearer eyes. You begin to hear with a greater clarity. Begin to feel with a stronger rate than you have before.

Many of you will find that the third dimensional delights that you so cared about, perhaps, 5, 10 , 20 years ago are no longer so important. You may have put this down to the ageing process, but this is not so. It is that you are losing, if you like, your interest more and more, in third dimensional reality, as you seek the delights of the fourth dimension.

It is as if you had a torch, a very tiny little one, midget torch, perhaps you would call it and you walk into a darkened room that you have never seen before and all you can get is a pencil beam light. So that you only see a small area of that room, perhaps your pathway along the carpet, perhaps a vague outline of furniture and perhaps just a little distant door in the back ground. That is, as if you have third dimensional Light within your body. You only see clearly, to a small amount.

Again, if you refine the Light within you, it is as if you go in to that room with a stronger torch. So you begin to see larger amounts of the room. Perhaps some of the furniture close to you, perhaps patterns on the wallpaper in the distance etc. That is as if you are going into the fourth dimension. And as you go into the higher dimensions, it is as if you walk in with a super torch that shines with a beautiful light, so that you can see the entire room and perhaps even through the windows, some of the garden beyond. As you refine the Light, as it grows stronger within you, then the things around you, you see with much more clarity.

For instance, perhaps as an adult you have taken a child to a pantomime at your Christmas time. You watched the small, immature being there, watching the pantomime. See how they become absorbed in the acting, how they believe in the characters on the stage etc. They are totally engrossed in what they can perceive. But you as an adult, can look at that acting there and you think, "It is very well done". You even enjoy the show, but you also see the backdrops, you see the characters and you are aware that the characters are actors playing that part. So your perception is of a higher degree.

If, sitting next to you was someone that was involved in the theatre, they would even see the production in an entirely different way. They would see, if you like, the direction, the production, they would hear the musical score, they would be able to follow aspects you are not aware of!

So it is as, you progress in developing your Light body within you, things around you are seen with a greater clarity. As you see with a greater clarity, then the earlier aspects fall away. Some of their appeal is gone. So it is a matter of perception. You feeling what is around you in an entirely different way. So as you travel in to the fourth dimension, your house will still remain the same, your cars will remain the same, people going to work will often remain the same. But you are beginning to see it in an entirely different way, as your body changes, your mind will change and your thoughts will change.

When enough people’s perception changes, then around you, you will find third dimension beginning to change. The things that held society’s consciousness in the past will no longer be as relevant. So you will find less production of certain articles, as people become more aware of ecology, become more aware of a connection with the Earth, with the stars etc.

So society’s direction will begin to change, as more and more you transfer the longing, the desire for third dimensional objects, into a better relation with the fourth dimension, of feeling oneness with other people, of feeling oneness with different kingdoms of the earth, the devic kingdoms etc. So the direction of the planet will change, as you begin to perceive the planet as a living being, you can create a harmonious state with.

As you begin greater contact, greater connection with Spirit, so again your perception changes as to who you are. As you begin to perceive yourself as a Being that has incarnated into this body, for a short time, you’ll begin to perceive the world and other Beings in an entirely different way.

I am pleased to see the Light around each of you is developing so strongly. It is so beautiful to look at your auras and see the light within. You are all spiritual people on a spiritual path. You are all doing your best. I can see that your intentions are all good. You are a little confused by this fourth dimensional light within you that is growing stronger. It is true that you will change in your thoughts and your development, but it will be for the highest. You then in return will help others, similarly confused, as time goes on.
Remember I am here always.

All the Masters are here to help and guide you.

You are on a wonderful journey, dear friends.

Please enjoy it.

Adonai. Kwan Yin

image-527330-Kwan Yin.jpg?1446022181835

Kwan Yin is known as the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Healing.

She is now an Ascended Master and is often contacted by spiritual healers to aid in their treatments of patients.

The Planetary Consciousness Belt

Spirit has placed a unique feature over Earth and it is called the Planetary Consciousness Belt. It is a spiritual tool for humanity's growth. It should be inspirational, uplifting and pure in intent, helping us to raise from the heavy 3rd dimensional world of materialism and suffering to the higher levels of spiritual wisdom, compassion, higher knowledge and light body formation, however it acts as a synergetic library of current stored emotions, beliefs and actions and it sends these combined impulses out to every human living on our planet Gaia.

When you think positively and act with kindness and respect, this energy belt sends these impulses to all humankind and they assimilate these higher feelings and beliefs and act in a more loving and kinder manner. Unfortunately, when a large number of people indulge in thoughts, feelings and actions of a lower nature, this is also transmitted to humanity and unconsciously affects their behaviour and opinions. Like the Internet, it can be a great vehicle for good and spiritual light, or it can be a misused vehicle for pornography, menace and lower behaviour and thought.

As humans, you have freewill and can strongly influence the Planetary Consciousness Belt with negative, lower vibrations or higher loving vibrations. The choice is your own. If you want a disorderly, unloving, violent earth, your consciousness can add to other negative thoughts on the belt and help create this terrible scenario. However if you want to create a paradise here of joy, fulfilment, universal brotherhood and sisterhood, plenty and good health and conditions - this too can be achieved.

Daily, think of how you would like to bring these positive changes into existence. Work towards these aims. Join with other like minded people to help create these higher conditions and make sure you personally live to higher values and beliefs. Your thoughts, feelings and actions, no matter how small, do have meaning. Humanity, the choice is yours, please use it wisely!


Solving Crimes with the Aid of Spirit

Some people have emailed us with queries as to why Spirit does not channel definitive information concerning murders, missing people and crimes. Some psychics are well known for their abilities in this specific direction, but often despite gaining much information from the deceased murder victim, as to why or where they were murdered, very few spirits are able to lead police to tangible proof of the crime that will convict the perpetrator. Intrigued by this missing element of closure for all concerned, we have channelled the following question to an Ascended Master and recorded his answer. We are sure that like us, you will find it insightful!

"Humankind has for many millenniums lived in what you would call the third dimension of solid matter, lower emotions and instincts. You could, to use a current expression say, "What happens in the 3rd, stays in the 3rd!" You choose to incarnate to Earth and live solid, emotional lives full of passion and freewill. The gift of freewill means simply - that you can choose to do evil or good.

Many people unfortunately, often choose evil in their lives and this leads to crimes, negative behaviour and tragedy. This makes us despair that you so often choose the lower experience - drugs, brutality, pain, crime and suffering. But we are obliged to allow you to do so and rarely do we intervene, for you have come to this dimension for experiences and we must allow you to reap the benefits or punishments. However, we will try desperately to get you to review your negative decisions and hopefully choose the higher choice not the lower, but you are all so very stubborn!

Many people involved in murder or terrible crimes are repeating karmic patterns from earlier incarnations. They voluntarily choose to come to Earth and try not to repeat the crime, but instead rise above their lower passions and forgive the victim and release the karmic pattern for ever. This of course, is the most spiritual and higher choice. However, many people forget entirely their divine higher natures when they incarnate and are instead deeply influenced by the prevailing culture around them. They feel angry at life, frustrated and fearful. They choose paths of negativity instead of light and inevitably come to a point in their lives, where they must make a major choice between repeating their negative karmic action or choosing a more spiritual option.

Alas, many choose the lower path and commit savage crimes and choose negative experiences. This ties them into further lives of retribution, until eventually they choose a higher decision, act lovingly and end the negative karmic pattern forever. How we rejoice when they do so!

Now that your society is entering the fourth (4th) dimension, many unusual things are happening. Psychics, clairvoyants and spiritual people are gaining spiritual and psychic powers which enable them to contact deceased spirits, gain special information and be psychically led to places of negativity, such as murder scenes etc.

Their work is valuable and they can often reassure the living about their family member's death and how happy they are in the afterlife. They may even gain clues about the crime which may help the police to apprehend the culprits, but usually it does not go beyond this proof of existence, for the perpetrators must live with their crimes, suffer their own guilt and choose further negativity, pain and suffering or choose instead, to confess and redeem themselves.

In other words, the psychics can aid the situation, but their actions are limited to not interfering in the karma of the perpetrator and victim. Frustrating, but true! I know that you would all like to become crime busters, but this is not the time nor the dimension. The 4th is confusing and the start of psychic phenomena, but until humanity rises higher to the 5th and 6th dimensions, where passions are controlled and all life respected, it is premature to believe that crime can be solved and absolved by 4th dimensional processes, no matter how well intended!

A final word, my friends. These patterns of karma are not random. Before incarnating both victims and perpetrators choose their roles and how they will play them out. They hope for a higher performance of spiritual light and action by the perpetrator, but they are aware that it can end badly if the perpetrator chooses the lower action, yet compassionately, they still choose to incarnate for this experience and to help their companion end the cycle of negativity.

Yet every negative action causes pain and suffering to the victim, perpetrator and their friends and family. The family has lessons to learn from the experience which may not be apparent during their time of sorrowing, but may surface later in life as kind actions towards others, the starting of charities and groups for positive change, personal growth and a greater understanding of life and spirit. "Everything works for good!"

I hope that this explanation has helped you understand some of the intricacies of choices on your planet and why everything can't be solved and resolved in this lifetime. I encourage you all to live life in the kindest, most loving, highest way possible, calling upon your angelic guides for help and inspiration, consciously choosing the higher choices and asking for forgiveness for any negative actions that you have committed in the past. I encourage you to perfect your Angel Self you are all capable of it!


image-529563-A letter    Smelling words etc.jpg?1446261015453


When you smell a name and numbers have colour!


The Abbotts

Ten years ago, we The Abbotts channelled a message from a Higher Being who told us that the Starseeds and Lightworkers would have enhanced sensory abilities. They would see music as colours and shapes and hear odours. It all sounded very odd indeed! But this prophecy has come to pass, as scientists now believe and can prove the existence of people who do have these wonderful abilities by mind mapping techniques. The term given to this special condition is Synesthesia.

It is believed to be a combination of senses linked in the brain. Many of these centres are close together, the region for patterns for example, is close to the region for numbers or letters of the alphabet. So if these two are linked, a person who works with numbers can mentally see them as making a pattern. Then again if it is close to the region of the brain for colour, the same person will see the number or letter as being a specific colour e.g. B is often seen as dark blue or R as red.

Some rare individuals find that speech and certain words are linked to their olfactory regions of the brain and when they hear a name or word associate it with a smell or taste. Therefore the name Bert may taste of Bacon and Betty of cheese. This can be very disconcerting to the synesthetic person, particularly if they work with food as a chef or cook.

Other synesthetic people see colours when they hear music, while others see coloured columns of numbers in the air in front of them receding into the distance.

Letters of the alphabet and numbers are also given personalities by Synesthetics. The letter U is soulless, the letter T ungenerous, the letter K is feminine, while the number 4 is honest and the number 9 untrustworthy.
You may find that you also have this special psychic sense in some degree. What colour would you give to a bass key on a musical instrument? A low key tends to be rated by most people as a dark brown colour, while a high note is often seen as white or a pale colour.

People who suffer from deafness or blindness often develop this talent to a larger degree to compensate for their other disabilities. Artists often develop this skill to add emotions to their artistic paintings, music compositions and sculptures. Of course synesthetic audiences enjoy them best!

In our daily speech we have developed phrases to demonstrate this effect of synesthesia such as red letter day, black mood, feeling blue, loud shirt, prickly mood etc.

Although scientists believe that slight degrees of synesthetia affect only 1 in 23 people, we think many people have this skill, but are often afraid to tell others of it, as it makes them feel different and abnormal.
We also believe that small children can be taught to link their many senses to create a more holistic experience of words, music and numbers. Like Spirit, we believe that it is a talent that should be admired and encouraged not put up to ridicule.

Perhaps now that science and psychology has finally "discovered it" and proved that it exists, this talent will be used more openly in mathematics, speech, writing and music. 
Long live the synesthetics!

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle or Devil's Triangle is a mysterious body of water, 500,000 square miles, in the Atlantic Ocean that has caused the deaths and disappearances of thousands of men and women. It is contained in the sea area between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. See diagram below.


Many strange disturbances have also been encountered and observed within this bizarre body of water. Inexplicable happenings such as both mechanical and electronic compasses spinning uncontrollably, sightings of unusual circles and spinning rainbow lights, as well as funnels of water and strange mists and fogs have been documented by sailors and aircraft pilots. UFO's have been seen buzzing ships and planes.

Even Christopher Columbus the famous explorer, observed a strange light in the sky in his sea voyages in the region. He described it as "a large ball of light fallen from the sky." His compass also began to act erratically.
Many planes and ships have disappeared in this peculiar region, leaving no debris and their remains have never been found, in the shallow waters surrounding the islands. An entire squadron of planes, Flight 19, five bombers in total, disappeared on a routine mission in 1945 in fine weather. One pilot reported that his compass was useless and they did not know where they were in broad daylight. There remains of the crew or bomber debris was never located. A rescue plane sent to help in the search also disappeared leaving only an oil slick.

Many huge tankers and large ships (over 50) have disappeared into the calm waters and pleasure craft still disappear today in mysterious circumstances.

Bimini the island mentioned by famed psychic Edgar Cayce, as being the outposts of ancient Atlantis, is within this strange and mysterious region. Many psychics believe that it is the effects of ancient Atlantean technology that is causing these unusual disturbances in the region.

The US government have set up a mysterious secret base (similar to Area 51) in the region, causing speculation amongst many Conspiracy Theorists, as to a national cover-up. The famed Philadelphia Experiment (when supposedly a US destroyer, the USS Eldridge, was made to disappear and reappear in a cloak of invisibility by scientists in 1943, causing death to several sailors) was believed to have been conducted in this area.

What does it all mean? Why has there been only independent privately sponsored expeditions to the area? Why hasn't there been a national inquiry into the many deaths and disappearances in the region? What can truly be going on here?

We (The Abbotts) channelled an answer to the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle in a meditation circle almost ten years ago. This is what we were told -

"After Atlantis fell into the ocean many millenniums ago after huge volcanic and tidal wave activity, the giant quartz crystals that powered many buildings and devices were not destroyed, but instead fell into the shallow waters on their sides. Most have remained dormant, however several have fallen above powerful ley lines that become active during certain seasons of the year.

When this happens and when certain other cosmic conditions occur at the same time, the strange phenomena of electromagnetic disturbances, fogs and water tunnels results. There is also a star gate in that region that becomes activated. Many of these missing ships and airplanes are unfortunately sucked into this star gate and transported to a different time and star location.

It is indeed traumatic for the crews, however many of them continue an existence far away. Do remember on some level, they have asked for this unique situation to occur, before incarnating. Not everyone wants a predictable life! Your governments have some idea what is occurring, but are hoping to use the crystals and star gate energy for their own experiments. It is at present, not a region we recommend for you to visit."

What do you think?


Electronic Voice Phenomena

Have you heard of EVP or electronic voice phenomena? This strange psychic phenomena occurs when messages that are sent by spirits who have passed over, are relayed to a psychic listener or clairaudient by the conduit of electronic equipment such as recordings, radios, television sets, tape recorders or cds etc.

Voices from spirits in other dimensions can also be heard in what is known commonly as white noise. This white noise (static crackling) can be found between the normal radio station signals. It is a most unusual, but very modern method for spirits to send personal messages.

This phenomena has been explored on television shows such as Ghost Whisperer and the movie White Noise. There is also an American Association of E V P that explores this unique phenomena. However, just as some negative spirits will use communication techniques such as Ouija boards to influence psychic students, so this new phenomenon should always be viewed with an open but critical mind. Listen, but use your own good judgement as to whether you act on any information given. And if in doubt, ask your own personal angel guides for verification.

What do you think?

Love and light

The Abbotts

Using Psychic Power Wisely

Blessings to All of you. This is Mother Mary speaking.

The energies that are touching you, on the Earth at this time are increasing the personal power within. These energies are sent from the Divine Mother/Father to you all. They are energies to be used for good and not to be misused.

In the past, psychic power has often been used in a destructive manner. For those that were powerful on your Earth, used this power to manipulate and enslave other humans. Power destroyed these people and destroyed those, on which it was turned. But the power I am speaking of is not the power that was used then. It is the power to Be that resides in All of you.

We can not let you use this power for evil and so at this time, we are releasing many blockages that are within your body, within your mind, within your soul pattern. For most of those people, in the past, that have used personal psychic power, have used it from guilt, from anger, from greed and from fear. But we want you to use this power from love and from compassion. We wish you to use this power, to help your fellow human beings and to help the planet.

It does not mean that you have to be feeble, submissive or weak! Let this power ride through your body and mind and soul. And let it allow you, to do great works upon this Earth. You are all living under the misunderstanding, that you are humans experiencing spirituality. In fact, you are all spirits experiencing humanity! You have forgotten the wondrous powers that you once had. But these are now being reborn within you.

It is a time to regain that power, but power to be used for the highest - as it comes from the Highest. All of you have a mission on this Earth. Not a mission to gain materially - wealth, power, enslave others, to come famous, NO! Your mission is to raise the level of humanity's spiritual understanding. To create a life force that connects with each person, upon the Earth. To have people become attuned to the Highest of their very own being, and in doing so, become attuned to God, Spirit, the Creator, once more.

This can be done in a joyous manner and this can be done in a loving manner. By bringing up this power to help others, you also raise around you, wonderful vibrations that will draw to you, the greatest and wondrous of the gifts of the Earth. You will live in plenty, in health, in love and abundance, created around you. But do not use this power, to only achieve these ends instead use the power for the highest of all.

As you find a great connection with your Spiritual Guides around you, as you feel a greater connection with human kind, (so that you even observe those you consider the lowest, to still be part of the whole of humanity), as you see that there is a great connection to the animal kingdom upon your Earth, as you see Light and Love in all things, so this power grows! Use this power wisely, with thought, with wonder and with joy.

I leave you now.

Blessings on you all, for you are all Lightworkers in the Divine Cause.

Use the power wisely, my friends and it will bring you great joy!


Mother Mary.

image-529568-Reincarnation Past Life Lovers.jpg?1446261697813


Why do you believe in reincarnation?

Through the use of hypnotherapy, we have discovered that many people can be easily regressed to former lives. They remember in detail, events and emotions. Our research has shown that they are historically correct in their details. Many other researchers are also currently studying these psychological incidents.

We have also discovered that many phobias and compulsions that people have in this life are formed in past lives! Your fear of cats in this life may be caused through your death by tiger attack, in a former life! The memory is consciously forgotten, but the subconscious never forgets the incident and creates fear within you, when you see or feel an inoffensive cat.

We also believe, that no one life can give you the variety of incidents you need, to perfect yourself. Therefore, you return time and time again, to experience as much as you can. Millions of people believe in reincarnation. It is only Westerners who are suspicious of the idea. We suggest that you seriously study the subject and investigate it yourself. We both remember, vividly, some of our past lives. This has helped us to understand our personalities, motivations and philosophies in this life. You can do the same! 

The Abbotts.

image-529569-Drawing in the strings  Native Americian Indian Woman.jpg?1446261824369

Drawing in the Threads


Saint Germain

"Let me tell you dear friends, that you are all living through an extremely unusual incarnation, one in which you are Drawing in the Threads! What do I mean by this?

I know that many of you now believe in reincarnation, that the soul returns to Earth, many times. Many of you will have vague memories of the past lives that you have lived. You may visit places that seem familiar, although you have never seen them before, in this current lifetime. In your dreams and meditations, strange, yet oddly familiar people and places will be presented to you. You read of distant times or see films on past eras and something within you says, "I have been there!"

This is then, a special lifetime in which all the different threads of these many past lives can be drawn together to form a tapestry of lives. Each life is a thread, has meaning and adds to the Higher Consciousness, a type of collective knowledge library. For every life you have lived, whether on Earth or on lower or higher dimensions, has had meaning. You incarnated for a reason, to learn lessons, raise your own and others consciousness, overcome karma and then return to the Godforce to rest and analyze your last life.

Yet every life or incarnation is linked to the previous lives and to future lives. They cannot be separated. What you do today, behave badly or positively, will reflect on future lives and affect past lives! This is astonishing but true! Nothing is truly done in isolation.

Now, if each lifetime has a meaning, what sort of meaning would it be?

Well definitely, I can tell you, it is not to be rich and famous, beautiful or successful. These are not objectives, but tools devised to help you learn life lessons. Look objectively at the most famous people in your culture, perhaps movie stars. They may be beautiful and successful financially, but are their loving partnerships long standing and fulfilling? Have they found their true purpose for incarnating? Or have they like so many people rich and poor, found escape from life by taking drugs, alcohol or behaving riskily! Like many people on Earth they have confused their purpose on Earth, their Divine Mission, as to being successful materially, not successful spiritually!

It is not that they have to give up their success or make themselves less beautiful, but that they now have to use their considerable talents – to do good! To raise other’s light, to help the planet who is in environmental stress and to be unconditionally loving! This is something we can all do, whether famous or humble. You can make a difference!

Now let us look at these threads or reasons for incarnating to Earth, dear friends, for they are very valuable to you! You would not go on a world wide journey for no real reason, would you? You may do it for adventure, exploration, study, companionship, opening your horizons or just for fun, but you would have a reason behind the trip. And so when you incarnate to Earth each time, you have a reason behind the soul trip!

Here are some of the threads or reasons behind many soul trips -

Learning Patience, Experiencing Unconditional Love, Learning about Freedom, Experiencing Free Flowing with life, Learning about Service to Humanity, Experiencing Humility, Learning about Friendships, Experiencing Loss, Learning about Compassion etc. I am sure by now that you understand the type of lessons that I am talking about. Not wealth, not romantic love, not beauty, not success, but deeper spiritual virtues.

This is why dear friends, I encourage you to explore your past lives in hypnosis, courses, dreams, meditations and all! Find out who you have been, why you came to Earth, what success you had with these lessons and more importantly what lessons you have come to learn in this current life! For this is vitally important. If you don’t know why you incarnated, how can you work on this important issue and successfully accomplish it?

Make this soul trip work! Pull in the threads of your past lives, find out why you incarnated then and just what you accomplished, then begin to see the silken threads that link each life. Are they making a true tapestry of who you are or want to be? Is the tapestry rich, glistening with light and love or dark and plain? The choice is as always yours, my friends!

I send you my blessings that this may be a lifetime in which you awake to the great possibilities within you!

Saint Germain


Q 1. Can the teleporting of objects or people from place to place, really occur? Or is this just science fiction?

A 1. An article we wrote recently, explores this theme -

Teleportation New Age Possibilities

It has recently, been released publicly, that the Pentagon has been developing a research program to construct a teleporter device which will send messages across the Earth, faster than the speed of light. (United States Defence News. 1/24/2000). The device will be able to send confidential messages of military significance, by the use of photons, rather than the slower and less secure method of transmission by electrically powered telephones and computers. A photon being the smallest particle in quantum physics, in which electromagnetic energy is emitted.

Research on teleportation of photons has been performed by researchers at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, led by Dr. Anton Zeilinger and Dr. De Martini and an IBM crew of scientists in the USA in 1993, designed potential teleporters, using the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlation of ‘entanglement’.

Henry Everitt, a physicist at a US Army Research Office, believes that the technology to produce such a photon device will be developed within the next decade. A New Dawn, March-April World Watch article comments that, ‘teleporting objects or people remains within the realm of science fiction.’ We would like to put forward the theory, that in the early decades of the 21st century, teleporting humans, will become a reality, because of one simple fact, little understood by most scientists, and that is, that the structure of humankind is changing from carbon based to silicon based. And while, it is extremely difficult, at this time, to teleport carbon based objects and people, silicon or crystal based objects, are an entirely different and intriguing matter!

Silicon is a brittle, non metallic chemical element used in transistors, solar cells, alloys and of course the famous silicon chip, which is the basis of the computer industry. Silicon Dioxide, Si O2 occurs naturally as quartz crystals and is used in the manufacture of glass.

Throughout psychic and spiritual circles, in many countries, over the last five years, experienced channellers have been picking up the startling information, from their higher Guides, that, as part of the Ascension process (a return of the soul to the Godforce), it is necessary that we restructure our bodies to a higher vibration and pulse at a faster rate. This will begin with us slowly raising from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.

Our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) code is programmed to awaken at this time and help to activate the process. It is changing from a 2 DNA strand to a 12 DNA strand. Simply from a carbon to silicon or a quartz crystal base.

Joachim, (a Higher Guide and Ascended Master who in human form was the Grandfather of Jesus and Mother Mary’s father), in a channelled reading in 1998, stated that, ‘Do not be afraid of these changes, they are natural, they are right. Growth is part of the Creator’s plan. Stagnation is not. Your bodies will change and so will your minds. You are becoming a higher, more developed, loving being. Do not resist the change. You have asked for it, on a higher level. As your bodies change from carbon to crystal (silicon), then later to ethereal form, great knowledge and joy will come to you. The choice to move on is yours!’

Ashtar, a fifth dimensional, Commander of Intergalactic fleets and Higher Being, also commented in a channelling to an Australian group in 1997 -

‘I am sure, that if you look at all the phenomena that is happening, your Light Body activity, you are often a little confused with this bombardment of information and Light. Your bodies are speeding up, your bodies are changing, becoming crystalline. You will find great gifts with this change - an ability to manipulate time, an ability to heal, to manifest, to remember, to become even more, - ‘One with all!’

Crystalline gems have the properties of both piezoelectricity and pyroelecricity. Piezoelectricity is the action where electricity, and often light, is produced via compression. Pyroelectricity is produced by changes in temperature when the energy of the crystal is released. Quartz crystals are said ‘to bring the energy of the stars, into the soul’. They are able to amplify, focus, store, transform and transfer energy. Quartz crystals are renown for their healing and clairvoyant amplification abilities. Early shamans, believed that crystals enabled them to communicate with animals, vegetation and mineral kingdoms. They called it the ‘stone of power’.

A combination therefore, of the human mind and body with a strong crystalline base, would mean that advanced paranormal abilities could easily be developed within human beings. Telepathy would be a natural talent, as would the inner power to manifest objects and restructure material objects, through use of the crystalline properties. A change in body structure would enable photons to interact more easily with the human body and actually help with the amplification of the teleportation process. The old constricts of the carbon based bodies would fade away.

Spirit guides have also explained, in numerous channellings, that some symptoms of the emergence of the silicon based body will be - dizziness, absent mindedness, sensitivity to sight, sound and other people’s vibrations, emotional swings, hyperallergies, pain sensitivity to body aches, paranormal skills increasing and a detachment from 3rd dimensional activities. Many people, also, find it impossible to wear a wrist watch or deal with electrical equipment, as the increased silicon in their bodies affect the mechanisms. Watches and clocks stop and cannot be repaired and electrical equipment breaks down quickly.

Spiritual books, such as, ‘You are becoming a Galactic Human’ by Virginia Essene and ‘What is Lightbody?’ by Tashira Tachi-ren, have also explored in some depth, this controversial theme. As well as our own books Ascension Now!, Living in the 4thDimension and Living with the Lightbody.

Researchers in the mid 1990’s, discovered an increased percentage of silicon, present in the bodies of new born babies. Although, some outside environmental conditions may contribute to the minute increase of levels of this chemical element in our children, it certainly does not explain this growing phenomena. Yet, if we are to believe our Spiritual Guides, this is just what they have predicted, over the last few years. A New Age body, to deal with our New Age thoughts, ideas and conditions!

Charles Darwin’s most well known theory, presented in 1859, is based on the premise that humankind adapts, through natural selection, developing into the most compatible being with its surroundings. Is this not, exactly, what our bodies are doing? The Light Body is becoming silicon based, in order to deal with our new developing spiritual selves. Silicon and photons are extremely compatible as ingredients of a teleportation experiment and subsequent devices, while the old carbon based body was incompatible to this new technology.

The benefits of this new ability to teleport will be unlimited. Transport systems on Earth, will have to be fully restructured. No longer, a long queue for the morning train or bus to work. No more, heavy traffic jams, to the seaside at the weekend or long delays at airports, due to fog bound planes. Now, you will simply make your way to the local community teleporter, (or for the very wealthy, have one installed in your own home!), insert your credit card and tap in a few digits, as to required location. Within less than a second, you will be instantly teleported to your desired destination, arriving fresh, alert and no need for baggage!

In an International crisis, emergency teams will be able to teleport, instantly, to formerly inaccessible regions, to offer expert assistance. Residents, in areas under impending damage from tornadoes, cyclones and earthquakes, will be able to quickly evacuate these regions, until the danger has passed. Of course, the negative side of this invention will be that armies will be instantly teleported to areas of combat and covert spying operations will be able to be performed quickly and undetected. Hopefully however, the silicon in our new bodies will influence us, to become more spiritual and peace loving, offering alms not arms!

Once, Earth has been ‘conquered’ teleport wise, space exploration, will of course, become our next viable object. Place one teleportation device on Mars, by a remote controlled robot and within an hour, you can have a large group of people transported there, to begin establishing a colony. The Moon, may become a favourite holiday spot for teleporters - no long rocket rides and no queasy effects of rocket thrust and anti gravity! In time, the outer planets and even distant galaxies and constellations, will be explored by teams of daring scientists, using the teleportation devices. Their discoveries will be invaluable to future generations.

We predict, that it will not be long before humankind can indeed, command, ‘Beam me up, Scottie!’ Science fiction devices, such as the human teleporter, will indeed, through humankind’s bodily reconstruction from carbon to silicon, become a reality in the 21st century.

The Abbotts

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Q 1. Did Lemuria exist?

A 1. 300,000 years ago, the Lemurian Continent also known as Mu, located in the South Pacific Ocean, sank beneath the waves. Its destruction, like that of Atlantis, was caused by disharmony.

The Earth Spirit, Gaia, at that time, had a strong symbiotic relationship with the semi ethereal beings who resided there. As the Lemurians began to devolve into more human like beings with egos and earthy natures, Lemuria's vibration changed and this caused major earthquakes and tidal waves.

The Earth Spirit, Gaia, at that time, had a strong symbiotic relationship with the semi ethereal beings who resided there. As the Lemurians began to devolve into more human like beings with egos and earthy natures, Lemuria's vibration changed and this caused major earthquakes and tidal waves.

It was the first base for ethereal beings on Earth and the populace consisted of eight races from the stars. With passion and intelligence they colonised this nation. Their descendants are still found in the Polynesian Islands.

It was a tropical paradise with unusual species of vibrant flowers, fruit and trees. Many common animals of today, such as dogs, cats, horses etc were seeded in Lemuria and many strange species of lizards, birds and animals are now extinct.

The Lemurians lived in true harmony. They were generous and displayed unconditional love and highest intent for all, in everything that they did. They had advanced psychic gifts and abilities and were able to create at will, luxurious surroundings, pleasant foods, extravagant gardens, art and music. The mango which is an androgynous plant was a stable food.

The Lemurians were androgynous, being both sexes. They had no need to sexually interact with each other or reproduce biologically. They had a strong union with the upper spiritual levels, angels, guides and the Godforce. They frequently contacted extra terrestrial races.

The Lemurians never felt alone or isolated. They used mental telepathy for communication and had total unity of thought. They could easily levitate and manifest objects.

Many structures, particularly pyramids, were made from pure crystal quartz to amplify their higher thoughts. They used the power of synergy when they meditated, to share thought and love. Music was used as a healing aid.

Yet they, like the Atlanteans, later descendants of their kingdom, began to create monstrous beings, inflate their egos and behave irresponsibly. They forgot their spiritual origins and began to act in a more human and lower manner. They became trapped in the human body and gradually lost their spiritual powers. They began to experience isolation and loneliness, as they battled for the self, no longer for the whole of society.

Yet, they are our ancestors and have left us legends of their existence and the ideal of a paradise that we can all aspire to create once again.

The History of Atlantis


Hermes Ptolemy

An Ascended Master whose specialty is science and medicine

Atlantis was a huge island chain which lay ‘beyond the pillars of Hercules’, present day Straits of Gibraltar. Its civilisation reigned from 9000 BC to 3000 BC. A series of earthquakes demolished sections of the island chain, over many centuries. The last outlying island settlement of Hera, near present day, Santorini was destroyed around 3000 years ago. The Atlantean expansion is similar to that of present day United States of America, which not only includes the continent of North America, but also, Alaska and Hawaii. Atlantis similarly, had outposts or colonies in South America, Africa and Egypt.

The original Atlanteans were peaceful, spiritual people, still in semi-ethereal form. They were able to manipulate energies and create wonderful buildings and temples. They existed on pranic or chi energy, derived from sunlight. Over thousands of years, they became more solid in form and began to eat fruit, grain and meat. They gradually, lost their psychic abilities, although some were retained by the priesthood. The priests were still able to construct temples and other sacred buildings, which were built with huge blocks of stone weighing several tons, by the use of teleportation.

Eventually, they became a militaristic nation which began to expand out and conquer other countries. This was similar to the Roman expansion around 200 BC. In time, they became a greatly feared nation and they descended into decadence and cruelty. Gradually, earth disturbances destroyed the main island and later the last Mediterranean outpost at Hera, was destroyed in one eventful, cataclysmic day and night.

When Atlantis was at its spiritual peak, hundreds of thousands of its youth were educated at the temple schools. From the ages of thirteen to twenty years, most young men and women devoted themselves, for seven years, to learning spiritual philosophy and psychic sciences. They learnt from either priests or priestesses of high ranks, to contact the spiritual realms, heal the body through chakra and auric cleansings, crystal and gem vibrational work, telepathy, astral travel, develop telekinesis and physically manipulate objects.

The Ancient Greek, Egyptian and South American cultures, adopted many of their traditions, culture, building styles and clothing fashions from the Atlanteans. Atlantean buildings were famous for their structure of red and black stone work. They introduced the design of the pyramid, for use as temples. Their homes were similar to open ancient Greek residences, with arboreums and large open courtyards, due to the sheltered, warm climate. They were ruled by one high king and two minor kings in the outlying islands. The principal island of Atlantis had a magnificent harbour and major city, which was the envy of many other civilizations. They traded with nations all over the Earth.

After the destruction of Atlantis, many of its inhabitants fled to Thebes and Memphis and the Egyptian Temples of Isis, retained much of earlier Atlantean spiritual wisdom. Atlanteans were assimilated into the cultures of Egypt, Spain and South America and in time their island continent became a mere memory and later considered a myth.


Hermes Ptolemy

The Mayan Calendar



image-529574-Mayan Calendar.jpg?1446262608273

The Mayan Calendar has fascinated scholars for many years. It ended in 2012.

Many of you fear that when the Mayan calendar ends in the next ten years (dates range from 2012 to 2016) that civilization as you know it will cease. There has been talk of disasters and death. But dear friends, I will tell you of a completely different scenario.

2012 was meant as an opportunity for humanity to move into a higher dimension of being, letting go of the third of materialism. A spiritual change rather than physical. Although the Lightbody will increase its special affects. You are changing to silicon based rather than carbon. Be not afraid this will take many generations, many thousands of years! You will become more psychic and have great powers. This is the plan.

However since humankind is so enchanted with the 3rd Dimension (3D)  it is unlikely that many currently, will make this change. You are all still too concerned with riches, fame and sexuality. You would take a million dollars over enlightenment! So society generally is just not ready for a dramatic change, so the change or evolution will be subtle and not so radical or open.

So don't worry about ice ages or cataclysms, rather prepare yourself spiritually by raising your own inner light by meditation and study and then you can weather anything! People generally will not notice the difference, but spiritual attuned people will see things become more sensitive and spiritual. Enjoy the small changes and added psychic and spiritual skills, but don’t live in fear, for this diminishes you!



Your Psychic Experiences

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I was home alone and meditating in the living room. Suddenly, I "saw" a really bright light with sparkles within it. The sun was out but I never saw it shine so bright in my life. I asked the angels to give me a sign to let me know that what I was experiencing was real and spiritual.

Then, I opened my eyes and looked at the sun. There were two suns! One was all black and flashing and the other sun was all white and sitting still. I closed my eyes and "saw" a heart in the most amazing shade of blue I'd ever seen a colour not of this world. I opened my eyes to observe the two suns. There was a yellow glowish line across the black sun.

Again, I closed my eyes and "saw" blue balls of light-the same amazing blue I had seen on the vision of the heart. I didn't know what was going on-only that I was witnessing something extremely spiritual and paranormal.

I also "knew" that it was something that was going to effect mankind. I don't know whether it was good or bad but I must say that was the most incredible experience in my life!

I wasn't scared at all-there was a lot of loving energy in the room and I was simply over-joyed and felt incredibly blessed to have witnessed something so unusual yet truly amazing.

I wondered if anyone else witnessed the phenomenon in the sky so I kept watching the news and reading the newspapers-nothing about the phenomenon had been reported and I then knew that the experience was only meant for me. I wonder what had occurred that day.


The Abbotts?

We believe that these are memories of an off-planet existence on a planet with 2 Suns. It felt warm and joyful, for you regard it as home. Visiting Earth can be difficult, but be courageous for one day you will go Home!

Do the Abbotts believe in all these psychic and spiritual talents and abilities?

Tony: Definitely. We work with many of them every day to benefit our own lives and to help others.

Robyn: We both have strong memories of Past Lives and the people we have been. Our channellings have helped us develop many of our courses and write our books.

Do Mermaids Exist?

Q 1. My grandfather swears that as a young sailor, he once saw a mermaid while meditating on a beach in the South Seas. Can this be real?

A 1. Definitely! When we meditate or dream we enter the fourth dimension where many of these so called mythological creatures live. Here you can see unicorns, dragons, fairies and mermaids. It’s just that usually they are out of our visual range. When we use our clairvision (clear sight) we can see and interact with them.
Another wonderful reason for meditating!

You can be psychic!