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Starseeds & Health

(Generations X, Y & Z)

By The Abbotts

Information for Starseeds & Pleiadians

The Importance of the Star Children 

(Generations X, Y & Z etc)

by Lady Kwan Yin

The Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Healing

Greetings, I am Kwan Yin.

Tonight dear friends, I would talk of the Starseeds for they are a valuable asset to the Earth at this time.

The Starseeds are those children that are born from 1971 onwards and some have come a little earlier. They are children that have come as Spirit from many different planetary sources and many of them are finding it very difficult to transplant on Mother Earth because their thinking, their emotions, their Spiritual state, is so different to those that have had many lives upon Earth. You may not know it, but in your Australian continent you have up to 400 suicides a year of teenagers. Many of these are Starseeds that are unable to find their place in society, and find the stresses upon Earth, far too great.

On this Earth at this time, you would say, there are perhaps a quarter of a billion Starseeds, but of them, only perhaps one million are awake. They have not come to fit into your society. They are not like the others that have been here on Earth. They have come, as you would say, to pull down society, but not in a revolutionary, radical, sensational or negative manner, but to do it in a loving gentle way and this is why so many of these Starseeds are so gentle, within themselves.

Many of them will not go to war. Many of them will not fit into conservative society. Many of them do not fit into the pattern that you have had in the past, of marrying, having children and perhaps in the same job for forty years or so, then retiring and dying quietly.

They have come, as you would say, to awaken all Humanity to a different way of living. They do not respect people merely because of age. They do not respect those that are merely in authority. They see there is no grandeur in power or great position. They instead revere the Mother Earth, the naturalness, the closeness to Earth. They instead revere the animals of the Earth, particularly the Whales and the Dolphins. They respect others that have lovingness between them, kindness between them, harmony between them. So they are very different in many ways, to the earlier generations, but because they have come from planetary sources that are softer, kinder, more advanced, they find many of the conditions on Earth at this time, very hard to handle.

Many of them find sexual ambiguity as being part of their makeup. That is, on other planetary sources they were free to love those they were attracted to, whether they were male or female. So they have difficulty falling into the traditional male-female roles of this planet. Many of them have parents that have divorced and many of them are emotionally torn between love for the mother and father figure. Many of them have problems in education, because on other planetary sources the ways of teaching are so different to that of the Earth. Many of them have problems in finding a vocation, using their skills in the job, as they do not like to feel trapped or inhibited, bound by others and they do not, as you would say, fit on to the production line.
Many of them have problems with Mental Illness on this planet, for the more isolated they feel, the more different they feel. So many of them are plagued by neurosis, psychosis etc and this too, is a problem. They feel being isolated, as being something very strange, very fearful, for on their own home planets they are born feeling one with all, the union of being with the God source and all others and now they feel they are only fragments of one, upon this planet.

So how do you, dear friends, help these Starseeds?

Because you are Lightworkers, you are full of love, you are trying to balance you heart with your mind. Those that are counsellors, please speak to them gently. Please do not try to make them fit into society. Those that are healers, please use your healing skills to help balance, particularly their mind with their heart. Those that speak to them, please give them a feeling of self-worth. They do not have to fit into other people’s standards. They in turn will make a society, in which they can use their great psychic skills. For many of them are born with their third eye radiantly open, their crown radiantly open, but they need to know how to handle, how to harness these powers that will come to them.

Many of them have a great degree at this of ESP and telepathy. Telepathy will be a great union of the Starseeds, as they begin to feel and understand, first amongst themselves and then the rest of Humanity. So, those of you that are experienced in this field, please give them chances to use it in a constructive way. Of course, wherever there is confusion, the lower elements will come in and try to stir up the situation; to cause problems. Guide these young ones, that they always use all of their abilities for the very highest. But if these young ones do not like to read literature, but watch television or to play video games or such, it is suggested they be gently tuned in to positive aspects of Humanity, positive aspects of the God force. For they are very vulnerable to input that could come from the Negative side.

All of you must have patience and tolerance and as they begin to feel their power on Earth, please work with them in a gentle constructive way, for indeed they are the future of this Earth and they will bring much joy to the planet, particularly when their harmony with the planet is fully established.

Now dear ones have you any questions on this subject?

Q 1. I have a question please Kwan Yin, why has this event come about since 1971?

A 1. There were at that time, the right planetary aspects. There were certain significant signs. If you look in your ephemeris and look up these star signs you will see that certain planets are very prominent at that time. I will leave you to look it up and you will soon notice that there was a change from one star sign to another. Of course, not all children born from that time are Starseeds, but a great number are. It is just that most are not yet awakened.

There are some that come in still that have had many lives on Earth, so are accustomed to the Earth. They are the more third dimensional type people that have been born from that time. They in turn, will show a great resistance to the Starseeds. They will see them as dreamers or, what are your words? ... dole bludgers or ferals etc. But, indeed these are the people who are bringing in love and harmony. These are the gentle, quiet people of the planet. It is essential that three dimensional Earthens, who are also part of the Godforce, do not gain all the power in your society, otherwise, they will make it very difficult for this quarter of a billion Starseeds that are out there trying to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Q 2. I know my son is a Starseed but I’m not sure about my daughter, is she one also?

A 2. She has the potential to be one, but she is, as you would say, an unawakened one at this time. But many of the Starseeds will be born into families, in which the parents and siblings are not Starseeds, are not Lightworkers and this can be very difficult for them, as they strive to find their own identity. Their identity being so different from others around them.

So I know specifically you will have great joy, great tolerance, great patience with your own particular children, but, I ask if these words go further, that all Lightworkers and all relatives of Lightworkers as such, will take an understanding way of looking at these people. They are the Starseeds and their behaviour, will seem different at times, but please, know that they are working in the Light in their own way. Blessings to you.

Q 3. A lot of these Starseeds are beautiful souls, but because of their different appearance, a lot of older people won’t employ them, if they have an earring in their nose or spiky hair. Will something positive happen with this, because many people think they don’t want to work but just sit around and bludge!

A 3. Well, some of them don’t want to work, at the sort of work you are talking about. What they need to do, is find direction in work that they would love to do. Many of these people are very artistic, very musical, some of them would be very good in fashion etc. But, they need to find these roles and something that propels them forward. Many of them will have great healing abilities and be great healers in the future.

What I am talking about, is that you as Lightworkers often need to direct these beings, because they are so gentle and many of them are confused by your standards. They need gentle direction into positive ways of using their skills. But, of course as you say, they do look different and look different for a reason, because they do not wish to fit in to the conservative pattern of society. This is again, where society needs to be tolerant of these beings and loving. They will of course, as they mature, dress perhaps more appropriately, but society needs to see that these beings are different, intend to be different. So be loving towards them. Blessings to you daughter.

Q 4. I have a question Kwan Yin, we have a saying on this planet, "If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen - get out!” Would you say that those who have opted out, suicided, are getting out of the condition they can’t bear?

A 4. Yes, this is true. Many of them come in with high hopes, changing society, being helpful to the Earth. But, because of the amnesiac veil that comes over, when they are born, many of them entirely forget their connection with the Source. They forget their reason for coming in, so they in turn will suicide. Of course, not all suicides are for this reason. Sometimes, they are to wake up all beings within the vicinity, so they question death and what their particular relationship to death is. But, in many cases, it is the Starseeds, who just, indeed as you would say, find the kitchen just too hot and opt out. But, they will often return and perhaps next time return into an environment that is more conducive to them doing good. Blessings.

Q 5. In what way will the Starseeds teach parents? Like, children that are born into families that are very conservative, if they don’t talk about spirituality, how will they know if it is within them?

A 5. It is within them, greater then most generations, to find the Light. But, of course, many of them are distracted by things such as drugs, alcohol, etc in their search for this. And because they, themselves, are impatient to do great good, but do not know which direction to go in, this is why they often turn to such mediums such as drugs and alcohol. Of course, they will try the patience, very strongly, of their parents and other brothers and sisters and other members of society. This is indeed where, as I have said, many of the third dimensional type people on this planet will come down, very heavily upon them.

This is when in many cases, as Light workers, you need to direct these beings into acting more appropriately, not in a conservative way, but in a way that they harness these skills and present their cases for a different way of changing society. If they were more conservative they would go into Parliament etc and change it from inside, but because they are not that type of people, yet, they need to find it at a grass roots level, how to influence society and change it.

They are much like the hippies, that you had back in the 1970’s around your western world, in that they mean good, they wish to express love etc, but, they are not yet sure how to do it. This is where tolerance from parents, from friends, from children, from grand parents, etc, from the community as a whole, will be needed, as they find their feet and begin to direct their skills for good.

Blessings to you daughter.

Kwan Yin.

Starseed Characteristics

Two short quotes taken from a channelling we received about Starseeds -

" ... Here are some of the typical characteristics of a Starseed or Pleiadian, they are;

1. A relaxed and easy going personality.

2. Strong environmental beliefs.

3. A strong interest in high tech gadgets.

4. Well developed personal psychic and spiritual gifts, including clairvoyance (the ability to see spirit), clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit), ESP and Telepathy etc.

Typical physical Starseed characteristics include -

1. Large eyes, (especially true with Starseed females).

2. Broad smile, (especially true with Starseed females).

3. Physical height can either be slim and tall or short and lightly boned.

4. Female Starseeds tend to have smaller busts and narrower hip measurements, in comparison to earlier generations."
Does this sound like You?


Many people suffer from debilitating illnesses or are born with physical defects. This may cause them physical, emotional and mental pain.

This section is dedicated to Channelled Messages from the Ascended Masters about certain medical conditions and illness in general. We hope that it will be of benefit to you.

Can Illness be Karmic?


Mother Mary

We have had many channelled messages about illness from the Ascended Beings. Here is a short one from Lady Mary.

“Dear friends, can illness be karmic? Definitely yes! Often you want to repay an old karmic debt and a simple way to do this is by taking on a disability or illness that you once caused another man or woman in a past incarnation.

In past times, life was often cruel and barbaric and you may have injured others intentionally, in war or as slaves. One man, a slave overseer purposefully cut the hamstrings of many suffering slaves, so they couldn’t run away. In this lifetime, he chose to come back with severe injuries to his legs caused by polio. He is repaying the past karma with dignity and good spirits.

We all want to make amends for our past unkind deeds and so we will often take on illnesses and injuries to do so. So do not bemoan your current health problem. Deal with it with fortitude; learn lessons from it; show courage and inner strength and know that you are also repaying karma and cancelling your karmic debts!

Love and Care,

Lady Mary.”

Social Contagion

Dear friends, there is a social effect that your psychologists have just discovered, but has been known by many cultures in many eras. It is a simple fact that those people who you spend the most amount of time with in social interaction, affect your mind, body and spirit!

For instance if you wish to give up smoking cigarettes, don’t remain in social groups or with family members who also smoke. They do affect you and you them. We are all susceptible. Like spirit effects like spirit!

If you want to lose weight, make new friends in a sports group and you will soon whittle down those extra kilos! But continue to hang out with overweight donut loving friends and they will reinforce your snacking tendencies!

Similarly if you are trying to become more spiritual and psychically active in your own life, find others who feel the same way and meditate or learn spiritual talents regularly and you will make good growth.

Of course I am not telling you to abandon all former friends with bad habits or family members who you love, but I am warning you of this social phenomenon - you are who you socialize with!

The other way to make positive changes is to be fully aware when ever you are with friends or family with negative habits and consciously choose not to copy their actions and emotions! How often have you felt happy, until meeting a friend who is depressed and then begin to empathically copy her emotions and leave the meeting feeling very down, having taken on her negative emotions?

In future, take conscious control of the situation, if you can’t avoid it. Keep the meeting short and while being sympathetic, don’t feel you have to ape her emotions, actions or indulge in depressive behaviour.

Try to be kind, but positive and be determined to leave the meeting, feeling good and in control. Don’t let others’ behaviour become contagious! Don’t let others’ emotions become contagious! Control your life and destiny!

If necessary place a loving gold circle of light around yourself, when dealing with people, allowing love out, but not letting negative impulses in to you. This is an angelic trait and one that can transform your life!

Kwan Yin



Lord Sananda

image-537574-Disabled   woman in wheelchair.jpg?1447295572433

I would speak to day of those you would call the 'Handicapped'. Others call them 'The Challenged'. I would call them the 'Challengers' because it takes great courage to incarnate into a body that may be limited or handicapped in someway, or a mind that is restricted.

Sometimes in your society, people shun, try to avoid these people or look at them with pity, others with great compassion. You do not see the beautiful souls that are there within that twisted body or mind.

Often, these are the most adventurous of souls, who have decided to come into these bodies. They come in, perhaps, because in Past lives they have had many fine, good healthy bodies. They have been black skinned, yellow skinned, red skinned, white skinned. They have been male and female, old and young, rich and poor. And in this life time, knowing how well your society takes care and looks after your handicapped people, they decide to try this body for a change.

A body with limitations. A body from which they will find many great challenges, sense new sensations, new emotions, a body, that is reliant upon the help of others. Then do you not learn trust, do you not learn faith and hope? Do you not break through the limitations?

I would give you as an example, that being known as Stephen Hawkins. Is that not a great mind in a very fragile body? Confined to a wheelchair, but one of your greatest mathematical minds, upon the planet, at this time. Do you not see dear friends, that he has accepted the challenge of not giving up, of not allowing his body to dominate his mind or soul. And you will find many great beings, such as sportsmen known as paralympians that even though they are in wheelchairs, are they not often healthier and stronger than you? They play their sports with great vigour, great exercise and great action!

Because, one is confined mentally or physically, does not mean they do not have contact or access to the Higher Realms. Indeed, this may be magnified because of this very fact that they are limited, restricted by motion. For sometimes in this life, when you are too active, you have little time and thought for Spirit. Yet they can love as you love, feel as you feel, experience life as you do. They have families and friends like you. They have a bright future like you.

Others may choose to come into such a body, because they wish to give experiences to the parents or carers of the 'Handicapped'. Perhaps, these parents need to learn trust and faith and hope, patience and understanding. And it is through the 'Service of Caring' for the 'Challenger' that they indeed find themselves, these wonderful traits, abilities and skills within them.

At other times, a person may incarnate into a handicapped body, in order to pay back some karmic tie. If in a past life, for instance, you tortured or harmed someone and were quiet happy or vengeful about this event, then when you review that lifetime, on the Higher Dimensions, you may well decide that you will pay back this karma, by entering into a similar body, that has been hurt or broken or mind that has been hurt or broken.

Remember you do so willingly. In all these events you have Free will. You choose your body, you choose your family, and you choose your circumstances, all to learn particular lessons, all for particular reasons. This is not a chaotic universe! You choose at all times! You choose a handicapped body, in your mind, to pay back this karma. There is no angry, vengeful God that says you must pay this back. It is your free choice.

So dear ones, you can see that there are many reasons for incarnating, as you would call, a handicapped person. I would say dear friends, now to look at these people in a different way. To see them as 'Challengers' brave, adventurous souls who have incarnated into limited bodies for a purpose. You could well say indeed, that their greatest handicap is not their body or mind, but the attitude of others towards them!



The Lightbody Healing and Non-Ageing Phenomenon


Mother Mary

Blessings to you all, dear ones, I Am Mother Mary.

Do you feel a quickening of the Earth? Do you feel her going into rapture? For, dear friends, this is what is happening and you who have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth, have similar effects throughout your body. You too are quickening, you too, are going into rapture, what you call ascension. You feel the changes within you. Some are pleasant, some are not, but they are all lifting you up to the true being you are meant to be.

In your scientific terms, your DNA is being rearranged. All those DNA strands that have been dormant for many, hundreds of centuries are now being realigned. And the little glands throughout your body that have been redundant for so long, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the medulla oblongata, your reptilian brain - all are beginning to function again, as you become what you term Lightbody. And with this comes many great gifts to you. I hope that you do see them as gifts, for you will find soon that you are able to perform what you would call magic!

You will find that your hands will heal others, that things you think of will manifest before you, that you will be able to do what you consider great, wondrous deeds. And with this, of course, comes the great responsibility of always using them for the highest, of using them to aid humanity, to raise them up to the Light and to the true Beings they all can be and to raise yourselves to your full potential, as spiritual Beings.

With this, also comes a gift you may not be aware of. I am sure by now you are aware that time is not linear. Time is only a measurement of energy, used upon the planet Earth. And you in many ways are holographic images that are sent by your Higher Self, down to experience life on Earth in a very, what seems to you, solid form. And you have, through the countless centuries, thought that you cannot master time, nor have you had mastery over your bodies, but dear friends, as time collapses upon itself and changes, you will find that you will be able to manipulate time. As you see it as energy, not as a barrier, you will be able to perform great deeds within that constructive energy.

And as you realise that your bodies can be mastered consciously, not just subconsciously, but consciously, you will be able to reverse and stop the aging process and in many times be able to go backward, if you like, physically to a younger, healthier state within yourself. I am not telling you this so that you use this process out of vanity, for Spirit does not care, what your exterior is, whether you are young, or old, or lovely, or ugly. Spirit loves your internal Light source that is always God-orientated. But we do wish you to be healthy and if it is your wish to stop the process of ageing and if it is your wish to return to a healthier state within yourself, to have a fuller control of your bodily functions, to rid yourself of disease, or any mental turmoil, this is certainly the opportunity for you to do so.

You are all aware that the body renews itself regularly. Every cell in your body is regularly replaced. In the past the body and mind has believed that with the ageing process, any disease within your body would become worse as you aged and therefore you have manifested within your body, such illnesses as arthritis. Now that you realise that you are gaining conscious control of your body functions, you will find that you are able to eliminate such diseases within your body. You will be able to command the cells to renew themselves in a healthy way, rather than in a destructive way.

Just as a child you had to learn to walk, it took some time. You had to crawl first, and then you stumbled for a long time before you could walk steadily, so this process does not come to you overnight. Again, like all great gifts, it must be practiced. You must look at it as a very valuable gift, but you can all learn to control this gift.
I would advise you, those that are interested, to sit for 10 to 15 minutes each day and visualise your body becoming, as you would desire it to become. If you wish it to become thinner, visualise it so. If you wish it to become stronger, or healthier, visualise it so. Go from the top of your head to your toes on your feet, visualising each part becoming healthier and stronger, free of disease. And you will begin to manifest, what you are thinking of, and this is what you have done all along, but it has been at a slow rate.

Now that time, in many ways, is speeding up and as your vibrations become stronger, as your abilities become stronger, you can control the state of your body, to a large degree. And so, if it is your wish to be healthier, stronger and to stop the aging process, visualise this strongly, within these 10 to 15 minutes each day and, dear friends, you will soon find results.

Of course, if you are to exercise and eat the right foods, this will help, because in many ways your bodies are becoming super-sensitised to what is taken into them. You will need to look at your foods - are they healthy, are they life-giving? I am sure that many of you here now, are vegetarians and you realise that you can make a healthier diet for yourself, free of the flesh of other animals. If you look also, at the huge range of herbs, of flower extracts, of different aloes, elixirs that come from different parts of your Earth, whether they come from the East, or the West, or the North, or the South, you will find that within many of the native cultures, herbs, grains, fruits that will help you also.

Your body can become, if you like, a testing machine for these. If you find certain herbs that make you feel healthier and stronger, continue to take it. If your body rejects it in any way, then leave off the use of it. You yourself, are becoming so super-sensitive, that soon, merely by thought and touch, you will decide what is suitable for your body.

Remember, you are like a statue, a statue that is carved by your body, by your mind, by your soul, by indeed, at times, karmic influences, in that you may have inherited a body that in some way is a repayment of good, or evil deeds done formerly. But now you have control, even over that. As the Light of Grace comes in, all karmic retribution is finally dissolved.

Dear ones, use this gift wisely. Make yourselves healthy and fit and strong, so that you do your spiritual work to its utmost.

I bless you all.

Mother Mary.

The 7 Human Auras

image-537736-aura man  7 layers of aura.jpg?1447303996683

The Human Auric Fields

Scientists are now discovering a fact what Ancient people have known for millenniums, that we all have an auric energy field around us! Sensitive electronic equipment can now pick up traces of this energy field which can stretch many metres out from each person.

You have seven Auric fields or layers which extend out from your physical body, which affect and reflect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. All living things have an aura. By cleansing the auras of negativity, you can avert or rid yourself of illness. By observing the colours of the auras you can understand the emotions and mental mood of others for they change dramatically as a person becomes angry, fearful, loving or open.

There is a symbiotic (interdependent) relationship between your auric layers and the seven chakras of your body. As a chakra (energy centre), glows through use, so often an auric layer will fill with similar light.

Kirian Photograpy

Photographic evidence of the aura, particularly around plant life, has been available for many decades. After a leaf has been dissected, a Kirlian photograph will show the aura of the leaf as being whole. Amputees are also psychically 'seen' by many psychics as having an auric limb still attached.

Seeing Auras

Auras can be seen with the eyes open or seen psychically with the eyes closed. Do not focus your sight on an object or peer intensely at it, but look beyond the object with softening of the eyes. The aura pulses and is best observed around the hands and between the shoulders, neck and head region. Most people will see the emotional, mental and etheric auric layers as they are quite colourful.

You can learn to be Psychic!

Eating Disorders of The Starseeds


Since the mid 1980's there has been a dramatic increase in the number of young girls and women suffering from various types of eating disorders, across the world. These include Bulimia (over eating and then vomiting up the food), Anorexia Nervosa (intentionally starving oneself to achieve a slimmer body shape) and constant dieting by young women and men in order to achieve an idealized body size and shape. Many of these unhealthy eating disorders result in body disfigurement, stomach complaints, fatigue and mental confusion and in some cases, eventual death.

Traditional psychologists have their own opinions on why this trend has developed so steadily over the last 25 years. They believe it is due to unrealistic body images of models and celebrities who promote a tiny, slim image as being the current model of feminine beauty. Others believe that it is due to self-loathing, sexual abuse, attention seeking and mental depression. Forced feeding and clinical care has helped some sufferers of these life threatening conditions, but unfortunately there have been many failures.

We have however, come to a new and radical spiritual opinion about why so many starseed girls and boys want to achieve such a slim image of themselves. We believe that it is due to a subconscious remembrance of a past life or off-planet lives lived in the Pleiades Constellation, where the body physical shape and size is drastically very different to that of the human earth body. The diet also on these Pleiadian home planets is also completely different to that needed to keep a human body healthy and fit.

This has been backed up by channellings from the Ascended Masters and a Pleiadian entity called Kirri.
Shall we now examine these new theories -

"One reason for these dietary disorders occurring is that these young Starseeds have very powerful unconscious memories of living on the Pleiades, in tinier bodies. They are used to eating tiny amounts of food which on the Pleiades is normal. These Starseeds are unaware that it is impossible to eat such tiny amounts of food on Earth and remain healthy!

They need to realise that they are NOW on Earth inhabiting a human body which needs larger amounts of food to sustain it. They are not on the Pleiades, inhabiting a Pleiadian body which also takes nourishment from pranic energy.

If you are currently suffering from an eating disorder and you wish to overcome the illness, we encourage you to follow our recommendations which are -

1. The first thing to do is fully realise that the human body does need a certain amount of solid food to remain healthy and strong. Therefore, Starseeds need to develop their own dietary needs that combine Pleiadian and Earth principles.

2. Gradually change your eating habits, so that you begin to consume food which is naturally high in pranic energy. As you do this, you will develop a healthy and attractive physical body! What could be better?
Foods and liquids high in pranic energy include:

A. Natural fresh fruit and vegetables (eat when in season).

B. Natural foods like fresh cheese butter and yoghurt.

C. Unprocessed or lightly processed foods including whole grain breads and unrefined sugar.

D. Foods with a high water content like soup.

E. Foods that you are naturally feel drawn to.

F. Natural honey and malt type foods.

G. High carbohydrate foods like pasta bread and natural flour products.

H. Pure water (If necessary filter your drinking and cooking water).

I. Natural fresh fruit and vegetable drinks like orange and tomato juice.

For more physical energy, try eating radishes, red capsicum, peppers, chillies and hot spicy food.

As you may have noticed, this list is quite extensive and highly adaptable to suit individual tastes. We encourage everyone to eat a well balanced, high pranic, energy diet. This is suitable for all Starseeds."

While your Pleiadian past incarnations are very important to you, as they have instilled in you a strong desire for Unity (Oneness), Peace, Tolerance and Non Materialism, remember you have entered this present lifetime on Earth, as a volunteer! You chose deliberately to come to Earth this lifetime to complete a Spiritual Mission, not to become addicted to trying to regain a lighter, smaller Pleiadian figure.

The Pleiadian diet is simple and very light and they exist on strong sustaining pranic energy found in sunlight, but you are unable to do this in this current lifetime, as your human body is not geared for this. To try to live on a Pleiadian diet is contrary to your life work and Mission. Please do not jeopardise your important soul work, by fixating on your body image. Accept the difference and uniqueness of the human earth body with all its beauty. You might like to try this affirmation daily to inspire you to accept your special earth body.

"In this incarnation, I have chosen to have a healthy, strong earth body. I am on a special Spiritual Mission and I need a healthy, active body, full of energy to achieve this goal. I will eat well and this will give me strength and vitality! I am a creative, loving spirit and I love my new human form!"

We do understand where your problems on diet have arisen, but we do urge you to accept your new earth body with joy and wonder, for Spirit has often told us -

"To us, you are all creatures of beauty and promise. None of you are ugly; none of you are lesser, only in your own mistaken eyes. You are angels in resplendent forms, capable of great, wise acts of kindness. Love yourself!"

Alternate Healing Questions


Q 1. Can you explain Autism in a spiritual sense?

A 1. Many young spirits who voluntarily agree to incarnate to Earth, do so with a great enthusiasm and energy. They want to make changes here for the better. However, when they actually go through the birth procedure and the 'Veil of Amnesia' comes down over their mind, they forget their purpose for incarnating. All they are aware of is fear and the barbaric nature of Earth, in comparison to the blissful higher plane that they have just left.

Although the loving parent is doing all that they can, to soften the experience for the child, the child still resents being in such a harsh environment, and so they withdraw mentally and emotionally from their surroundings. They do not want to be here! If you were placed in a harsh prison, would you not 'want out'?

Of course, their natural sense of self-preservation, does not allow them to end their lives and return to the higher plane after death, so instead, their physical body stays here, but their emotional and mental bodies withdraw from Earth's daily activities. They are stubbornly refusing to co-operate with other humans or live a 'normal' human life. At times, their spiritual body will leave the human body almost completely and astral travel to a higher plane, just to escape Earth's tedium.

How then, do you encourage the frightened child to integrate with Earthly activities and go on to accomplish its soul mission? You remind it of its reason for incarnating. Even if its human mind has forgotten its original purpose for incarnating, the Higher Self and soul has not! It wants the child to achieve its aim of bringing further light to the planet. So speak to the child gently and with love. Remind it about why it is here. Tell him or her that you will help him with this experience and be there, to gently pave the way for him. Even if he appears to be not listening to you - his soul and Higher Self is listening!

Explain to him that he is very special and that you understand his fear of Earth and the lower third dimension. Gently coax him into play activities and family interaction - but don't force him. Most of these sensitive children are from other constellations. They think differently to their parents and other children. Their thought patterns may be different, their likes and dislikes different. They are special children.

Most Off-planet children love colour and gentle play activities. They often have a special attraction to computer games and modern technology. Gently introduce him to these activities, by you using them, in his presence. If he shows some interest, allow him to participate. Allow him to commune with nature, take him for walks and gentle nature activities. Always remember that on a higher level, you asked to help raise one of these very special children. They have great gifts to give to Humanity and the planet.

At night, ask your Higher Self in the sleep state, to talk to your child's Higher Self and explain why he is here and how much you want to help him with the journey. Use your natural motherly instincts in dealing with these children. Use your higher intuition. Don't see it as a trial or punishment. Enjoy the experience.

Love and Light,

Mother Mary.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Q 2. My son suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) has spirit any advice on dealing with this condition?

A 2. The Ascended Master, Hermes, has told us that there are two main reasons why people are currently suffering from A.D.D/A.D.H.D. They are that their kundalini, (personal life force) chakra, is overly active and so is their Higher Brain chakra. This special chakra is located on the top of the spine, at the rear of the skull.
In medical terms it is known as the Medulla Oblongata. This higher brain chakra has only recently been rediscovered by ourselves. Its purpose is to allow for strong, direct personal contact with your higher Self and spirit generally. When it is overly active, as is the case with an A.D.D/A.D.H.D. sufferer, too much contact and information is coming through from spirit. When this happens, it usually causes people to suffer from an overload of higher brain activity. This in turn usually causes poor concentration, scattered thoughts, over activity etc.

To overcome these two major problems, we have listed numerous recommendations. All of which relate to calming down the kundalini, aura and higher brain of the sufferer.

A positive result, of an overly active higher brain, is that once it can be controlled, the person can easily go on to develop fantastic spiritual and psychic gifts. These include clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, E.S.P. and many, many others. With this in mind, we encourage parents not to stifle the spiritual and psychic abilities of your child. You never know one day, that you could be the proud parent of the next Edgar Cayce.

Many of our recommendations are cheap and easy to implement. You should be able to gradually integrate them into his life with the minimum of expense. All of the information, we give out, is accurate, inspiring, practical and of the high intent.

Please remember that these are recommendations only. We do not advise that at this time you discontinue any doctor prescribed medications. e.g. Ritalin. Though in time with your doctor's co-operation, this will be possible.


1. When possible, explain clearly to him or  her, why and how you are trying to help him. Gain his co-operation. If necessary turn it into a game or adventure. Tell him regularly that you love him and that you are trying to help him overcome his problems, so that he can achieve his own particular goals. e.g. going to camp or staying over at a friend's house.

2. Earthy sports, e.g. swimming, running, gardening, walking, hard physical sports, should be encouraged. His energy needs to be depleted. Then encourage him to meditate and calm down his mind. If necessary get the whole family to meditate together at a set time each day.

3. Gem elixir. Make up a gem elixir from a small piece of hematite and give it to him to drink at least 100 ml four times a day, and as needed. Hematite is available from all good gem shops.

Before using a piece of hematite in a gem elixir it is necessary to cleanse it. To do this place each stone in a container and cover with ordinary table, sea salt and allow to 24 hours, then rinse with clean tap water. Also, whenever you use a hematite gem stone, it will need to be cleansed in the same manner to prevent a surplus of energy building up in the stone.

How to make a Gem Elixir

Take a clean glass jar and fill it with filtered drinking water. Then place a small piece of hematite into the water. Replace the lid and allow to stand for at least two days in a cool place before using. Keep chilled and top-up the jar with clean drinking water as needed.

4. Hematite gem stones, about the size of a thimble, should be placed near where he sits, sleeps, eats, studies, etc. This will help to ground his surplus energies.

Get the child to either carry or sew a small piece of hematite into his clothing, especially around the regions of his kundalini, (base of spine), and back of head. (top of spine). This could be in the collar of a shirt or the hem of a cap.

5. Try and keep him away from large groups of people, and sources of electromagnetic output, e.g. electrical appliances, overhead power lines, etc. By doing this it will help to reduce the amount of energy that he is absorbing into his aura and pumping throughout his body. A main reason for being overly active.

6. Where possible, use colour therapy, to help reduce his energy intake. e.g. when indoors, light his bedroom, areas of activity etc. with a strong, dark green coloured light bulb. Try to keep him away from artificial lighting such as strobe or neon lights, such as in shopping centres etc.

Also, clothe him in earthy colours like dark green, brown, dark blue etc. Definitely keep away from the bright colours, e.g. red, orange, yellow, etc. To help reduce the area of activity around his kundalini, get him to wear dark green or similar underwear and make sure his bed sheeting is of similar colouring. You may also like to change the colour of his bedroom to a soothing blue or green colour.

7. Teach him to ground himself of surplus energy by practicing Grounding Meditations. That is teach him to imagine roots growing out of the bottom of his feet into the ground below and allowing any surplus energy to pass out of himself, into the ground below, or any other similar grounding meditation.

To help with the grounding meditations, before you begin, protect yourselves inside a ball of golden white Light,  then mentally call in the Ascended Master, White Buffalo Woman. White Buffalo Woman is a North American Indian Master, who has a very strong grounding and earthy energy. Ask her to help you during the meditation. Her energy will be useful to help to ground the child of surplus energy.

Teach yourself various self-protection techniques like the ones listed below. This will prevent him from taking energy from your aura and absorbing it into his own. If possible, this protection exercise should be used by everyone who comes into close contact with him. By close we mean by about 6 to 8 feet and closer.

A Basic Self-Protection Technique

image-537745-Protection  woman on chair in golden auric egg shell of light 2.jpg?1447304630949
Auric Protection
Say aloud -

"I ask the Spiritual Door keeper to surround the building that I am in with golden/white Light of the Highest vibration.

I also ask that my aura is surrounded by a protective shell of golden/white Light.

Only allow through those energies of the highest vibration and intent,

thank you"

A Sleep Protection Technique

Before going to sleep:

Say aloud -

"I ask the Spiritual Doorkeeper to protect me (my husband/wife, family and home) on all necessary layers and to fill our bedrooms with golden/white light while we sleep,

thank you"

8. Just before you go to sleep at night, protect yourself as above. Then mentally ask your higher Self if, you and the child can meet up, during your sleep and receive spiritual advice from White Buffalo Women or any other Healing Master, about how to resolve the illness.

9. Try and gently change his diet, towards a more natural diet. This includes more fresh fruit and vegetables. Try and gradually take out the meat, (especially red meat), from his diet. This will help to reduce the amount of stress energy he will absorb from his food, and therefore help to calm him down. If necessary, replace this decline in meat based proteins and vitamins with nuts and vitamin supplements.

Also, bring more high carbohydrate type foods in his diet. This includes flour products, pasta, bread and potatoes, cauliflower, parsnips etc. This helps to subdue his overly active Medulla Oblongata, or Higher Brain. Keep him away from caffeine, (chocolate, tea, coffee) chillies, peppers, red capsicums, radishes, strawberries and hot spicy foods generally.

10. Soothing music around the child will help him to relax.

11. Aromatherapy techniques can be helpful, such as lavender oil in baths and oil burners, to create a calming atmosphere.

12. Natural fibre clothing and natural based toiletries e.g. Body Shop products, are more grounding and less stimulating, than artificially based products.

13. Try and personally detach from his physical activities. Prevent yourself from becoming over emotionally caught up in the problem. Try and help him in a caring and detached manner. The more, people worry about him, the more mental energy they are giving to the problem, therefore prolonging it. Remember that mental energy is accumulative and acts like a battery charge.

14. Whenever you go on family excursions. Try and do activities which are grounding, e.g. bush walking. This helps him to ground his surplus energy and help him to make a closer personal contact with nature and natural energies.

15. Try and teach him, when in a receptive mood, that when he is overexcited and needs to be grounded, to hold one of the thimble sized pieces of hematite in both hands. Then ask him to direct his energy, through his palms, into the gemstone. After a few minutes, take the stone away from him. Then take it outside and place it on the ground. This will allow the absorbed surplus energy to pass out of the stone and into the earth below it. Reuse the gemstone again when needed.

16. Try and ensure that for at least 3 days before a full moon, that he is as stable and calm as you can make him. This is because the energy of a full moon, will exaggerate the emotional state he is in. e.g. If he is active, the full moon energy, will only make him worse. On the other hand, if he is calm, it will help to make him calmer.

17. If you are aware of natural energy sites, and ley lines, which are high in energy, e.g. Mount Shasta, Uluru (Ayres Rock), the Great Pyramid, try and keep him away from these areas. This is because it will add to the amount of natural energy in his aura and physical body.

18. If possible allow him to have close access to animals or a family pet. This is because animals generally, have a slow auric pattern. This in turn, will help to slow down his own auric pattern.

19. When possible allow him to walk around with bare feet. This will help to ground him, through the dark green chakras on the bottom of his feet. If this is not practical, get him to wear dark green socks and dark coloured footwear.

20. If possible, don't allow him to wear an electronic wrist watch or carry on himself, any type of electrical equipment, e.g. Game boy, Laptop computer, mobile (cell) phone. This is because of the additional, energy field it is emitting. Similarly, limit the amount of time he spends on a computer, watching TV etc.

21. Remember, there are usually karmic ties between all people involved, parents, grandparents, friends, carers, siblings, teachers and of course the A.D.D./A.D.H.D sufferer. This illness is teaching all involved, many crucial life lessons.

It has been asked for and preplanned on a higher level, for the spiritual growth of all concerned. Many of these children have trouble adjusting to Earth's vibration and energy. It is just too overwhelming!
The Abbotts.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Q 3. I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive behaviour. Are there any gemstones or advice from Spirit that you can recommend to help me overcome this condition?

A 3. In answer to your inquiries about gemstones etc. for OC Disorder, we have received the following information from our Guides. We hope it helps you!

1. Make up a gem elixir drink of pure water and a clean hematite gemstone. Clean the gem in fresh table salt overnight first. Then just place it into a water jug and drink water from it daily. Hematite grounds you while also making you psychic.

2. Meditate several times daily to relax yourself.

3. Ask your spirit Guides to help you overcome this problem. (See Exercise 1 in Angel section).

4. Ask for advice before you go to sleep and ask to remember it in the morning.

5. Develop a sense of humour about the problem. Joke about it to yourself when it is occurring e.g. call it your Lady Macbeth complex! I know this sounds difficult, but it can be developed!

6. Find a definite spiritual purpose in life. Don't let your condition put you off it. Much of this behaviour is caused by the ego not wanting you to do something special and new. Circumvent your ego by doing something unexpected, but pleasurable to you!

7. Remember that you have asked for this condition to help you learn to overcome it. Each advancement that you make is helpful to other sufferers!

The Abbotts

image-537749-poker machine.jpg?1447305035447

Gambling Addiction

Q 4. Help! I'm a gambler and addicted to poker machines. This is ruining my life. Any spiritual advice?

A 4. A very interesting problem. This is what we received from Spirit and our own general knowledge. Gamblers (particularly those who use poker machines often) release certain hormones into their bodies while engaging in the gambling activity. This is like a chemical cocktail which can alternately calm you down and produce a spacey 4th dimensional feeling or produce a euphoric excited feeling. Hormones involved include endorphins, seratonin (emotional stability), dopamine (well being), phenylethylamine (excitement levels) and noradrenalin (makes you feel you can accomplish anything).

With such a strong concoction of feel good hormones, it is no wonder that you soon become addicted! Small wins on the poker machines add to the feeling of euphoria. The dim lighting of most clubs, flashing lights, neon lights etc also stimulate melatonin in your blood stream which adds to the feel good concoction pumping through your veins. The action of pressing buttons or pulling the poker machine lever is hypnotic in effect. Thus time becomes distorted and money and surroundings become meaningless.

If you were a billionaire, you would not have a huge downside! But since most people aren't billionaires, financial problems caused by endless streams of dollars disappearing into 'one arm bandit' slots to support the gambling addiction, soon result in financial woes and depression. Of course the more depressed you are - the more potent the feel good hormone cocktail feels, until eventually you will do anything to maintain it, just like a heroin addict! Family, job, ethics, all goes by the board - all you want is the gambling fix! Does this sound like you?

Add to this the fact that you've more than likely set this scenario up before you incarnated, as a huge emotional block for you to overcome and you have a huge problem. But it's not insurmountable. Otherwise you wouldn't have set it up as a test for yourself. There is always an answer and a solution. That is how the Universe works.

How can you overcome this gambling addiction and get your life back on track? These are Spirit's and our own suggestions -

1. Accept that you are addicted.

2. Agree that you want to be free of the addiction.

3. Be prepared to try anything to be free of it.

4. Realise that you are suffering depression and may need some chemical help from a doctor, such as mild anti-depressives to overcome your depression initially.

5. Realise that you are addicted to the hormone rush and feeling of contentment caused by the hormone cocktail not just the actual gambling.

6. The contented spacey feeling you experience can be substituted by learning meditation and increasing the spiritual content in your life. You will then achieve this feeling naturally as you rise up to the 4th dimension.

7. Finding your personal Life and World Plans will help you to understand firstly why this problem has been presented to you and why you have incarnated to Earth.

8. Live your Life and World Plans. This will be so satisfying and make you both exhilarated and contented, that gambling addiction will feel very inferior.

9. Ask your personal spirit Guides for help in overcoming your addiction. (See Exercise 1 in Angel section).

10. Ask that in your dream state these things are explained to you and you also receive celestial guidance on these matters.

11. Begin to value other things in your life. You have made the addiction central to everything.

12. Change your lifestyle if necessary. Be daring! What have you got to lose? Create the life You want!

13. Have faith. Realise everything happens for a purpose. You can overcome this addiction. Speak to others who have successfully overcome the gambling fever. Gain their support and help.
Blessings to you!

May you overcome your addiction.

The Abbotts.


Q 5. How can I overcome my phobia? What causes it?

A 5. All phobias are based on fear! There is no other reason for you to create these blocks in your life. On every level of your being you are afraid. Your cocoon of peace, love and security has been breached and you are reacting with pain, terror and depression.

Think of a small child of two or three years. If you were to hide in a cupboard and put on a frightening mask, then jump out at the child unexpectedly, and then would not you expect that child to be frightened, burst into tears or withdraw into terror and then always be afraid of unexpected horrors in cupboards, in the future? You would have created a phobia in that child that would continue throughout his or her life, long after the initial memory of the frightening action has been forgotten!

This is what has happened to you! You have received a severe shock, usually long forgotten, that is keeping you in fear today and causing you fear, inconvenience, humiliation and depression. This shock may have been experienced as a small child, an adult, or even in a past or future lifetime, but its effects are happening to you now!

Now, dear ones, we have explained about the childhood fear and how easily it is integrated into your life. This may cause you to be afraid of certain animals or situations, (such as the fear of cupboards!). A large dog attacks you and frightens you and you always fear dogs, no matter how small or gentle. Many phobias come from childhood experiences, now long forgotten, but based in fear.

As an adult, something traumatic may happen to you. Perhaps you are told of the death of someone close to you, just as you are going to eat an apple pie. The taste of the apple pie is in your mouth, as the terrible news is given to you. You mourn the death of the person and eventually come to terms with it, but you are physically sick if you ever try to eat apple pie again! You have unconsciously connected the apple pie to the traumatic event and you fear that if you eat apple pie again, something bad will happen to you!

Experiences from previous incarnations (past lives) and prophetic feelings about future lives can also cause phobias to occur, in certain people. Imagine if you were dying on an African battlefield and the last feelings you experienced were fear, pain and the touch of vultures feathers, as they swooped down to feed on you!

This fear could easily be carried over into this current lifetime, when the touch of a tiny canary's feather will send you into paroxysms of fear and terror! You have forgotten the past lifetime experience, but your unconscious remembers the fear you experienced, when the vultures feathers touched your dying body! Again your phobia is based in fear.

In the same way, on a higher angelic level, you are aware of future lives and experiences. Perhaps in a future life, you plan to end your life by being struck by lightening. Since time is not linear, but can be experienced on many higher levels, you are prophetically aware of your future death. But you are mixing it up with this lifetime, and the fear of lightening terrorizes you now!

Now you are aware why these phobias are created, through fear, remembrances and terror, we can look at how to release these life blocks. What is the opposite to fear? Knowledge, Unconditional love, and Courage! These are the cosmic tools you will need to unlock your fears, remove your blocks, and create a more stable, positive, loving environment for yourself.


To overcome your phobia, you need to be aware of who you truly are. You are not a mere human, living one purposeless life. You are not limited! You are a magnificent, angelic being who has incarnated into the body of a human being and developed many human traits and behaviour, but underneath, you are powerful, creative, courageous, loving and unlimited! You have placed yourself into a third dimensional body to experience being a human with all its frailties, but your spirit is indomitable!

You have created an illusionary world around you to test your angelic skills. You have forgotten who you are and what you can overcome. This phobia is an experience sent to you (and in fact chosen by you on a higher level) to be a test for you, to win through! It is an opportunity for you to develop your angelic powers! By realizing this, you can decide to accept this challenge and beat it!

Cosmically, you are never given a challenge that you cannot overcome!

Unconditional Love

You must believe that this is a benevolent, loving universe, created by a wise and immensely unconditionally loving Higher Force (God, Spirit etc) an energy that wants you to succeed, wants you to raise your angelic vibration and for you to remember who you truly are - a magnificent angelic being! The body you live in, the house you reside in, the people around you are all 'cosmic actors' playing their roles in an elaborate third dimensional theatrical 'set'. They also have forgotten that they are angels and are experiencing their own tests and blocks, as they interact with you. But now that you are slowly remembering who you are, you can begin to direct the 'play'. You don't have to tie into your blocks and phobias. They are part of the 'character' you are playing, not your angelic reality. Once you recognise that the Universe is unconditionally loving and benevolent, you can be amused at your phobias and let them go!


One of the main reason, that people do not battle with their phobias and let them go, is that they fear if they challenge them that they will -

a. Die
b. Collapse
c. Make a fool of themselves

But once you realise, that this is a benevolent universe, headed by a Higher Force who cares about you and wants you to succeed in your phobic test, you can find the courage to confront your fears! Looking at a, b, and c, you can now, with your new knowledge, courage of an angel and unconditional love, explain them all away! Remember the courage of an angel is unlimited!

a. Dying doesn't really worry you anymore! You are an angelic being who will survive eternally. This is one lifetime, in a long series of lives. Even in the unlikely event of your phobia killing you, (and this is about a million to one!) your angelic spirit will survive and later re-inhabit a new body.

b. Collapsing is no longer a threat to you! It is only your frail human body that will fall down, not your spirit or soul. Remember that you are an angel, using a body not the other way around! If you did collapse, (again the odds are thousands to one!) it would be a new experience nothing more!

c. Making a fool of yourself, no longer worries you! You are an angel playing a part, not a human tied into one specific, unchangeable role! If you decided to play a comic role once in a while, what does it matter? You will give light relief to others and you will experience something new! Is your human dignity, so important?
Now that you have understood these new cosmic tools to unblocking your phobia, begin to use them. State over and over to yourself - that this is a benevolent loving universe and that you are an angelic being. Regard your phobia as an inconsequential block that you have decided to take on as a test and gradually overcome it! Gently face your fear and behave as an angel would, not a frail limited human!

If you fall down, laugh, dust yourself off and try again! Your angelic, courageous nature will win through. And lastly call upon all the power of the angels around you to help you win through in your phobic test! Open up your heart, regain your faith in life, feel the secure love of the universe around you and become the angel that you are!

Love and Light

Andromeda Ra

Psychic Tip

Phobias often can be resolved easier, using the power of moonlight, rather than confronting them in sunlight. This is especially beneficial for agoraphobia!

We wish you good health and a bright future!

The Abbotts