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 Learn how to make contact with angels and receive their guidance and protection. 

Angelic Advice

Spiritual Advice from Divine Beings

by The Abbotts

Truly Inspiring!

The Abbotts have channelled numerous Angelic Beings over many years.

This special book contains some of the most uplifting and inspiring messages, ever received. Read the messages for yourself and feel the love of angels around you.

Learn how to personally connect with the angels and receive their wisdom and guidance.

A must read for anyone with a genuine belief in angels and the heavenly realms. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Angels In Our South Field

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

This is the poignant story of Jenny Ryan, a twelve-year-old farmer’s daughter whose family is struggling with many modern day problems of disunity, financial stress and misbehaving teenagers.

One morning, on her way to school, Jenny discovers twelve, wounded angels in the South field and in one remarkable day, these angelic warriors help her family become whole again!

A not-to-be-missed book suitable for all ages. Illustrated and in 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $10.95.

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Awakening The Angel Within Course

Angelic Powers Can Be Yours!

by The Abbotts

Want to become an angel, but you don’t know where to start?

Then this book is for you. Written by The Abbotts, in their usual easy to follow manner.

This short 5-part course contains many practical exercises, suggestions and wise channellings to help you awaken the angel within.

Learn new spiritual and psychic abilities to enrich all aspects of your life. A truly life-changing course that anyone can successfully complete! Great value for money! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Amy and the Angel

by The Abbotts

A little book for the very young! 

This is the story of Amy who one day wakes up grumpy and defies her father and goes into the scary woods!

She is lost and frightened until she meets her guardian angel who shows her the wonders of the forest and then safely guides her home.

A safe adventure story for age 5 and up! Ebook $2.99. Print Book (full colour) $14.95.

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Heavens Above!

Angels, Aliens and more!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever looked heavenward and wondered what was up there?

And how does it affect your life? Paranormal experts, The Abbotts will show you that there is much more to the heavens, than you have ever imagined!

You will learn about lenticular vision and how to use it; how to contact many loving angels and all about aliens and what they are doing, up there!

You will also find out about the affects of the sun, moon, comets and stars on you and how to use their special powers.

Your astrological influences will be simply discussed and you will learn how Saturn, Uranus and Mercury influence your daily life!

Plus, you will come to understand that Heaven is a wondrous, loving place of creative activities from channelled messages from Spirits, to The Abbotts.

A book not to be missed by spiritual and psychic seekers of truth! Easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Magical Beings

Myth & Magic

by The Abbotts

Explore Fairy Kingdoms

Enjoy connecting with nature? If so, then this amazing little book will introduce you to the mystical world of elemental beings such as nature devas (plant guardians), fairies, unicorns & more!

Discover the secrets of how to make contact with these gentle beings of the fourth dimension.

Learn how to see and feel the presence of these amazing Beings around your own plants and in your own garden, no matter its size.

An enjoyable read for any age! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $9.95.

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The Starseed L.I.F.T.

The Angelic Solution for Problem Solving!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever had a problem that you just can't solve in a higher way?

Well the L.I.F.T. solution from paranormal experts, The Abbotts, will show you how to solve that sticky dilemma.

A unique and easy-to-do formula channelled by the authors from the Ascended Masters, it will solve problems of love, sex, family relationships, friendship and work related problems and much more!

A life-long solution to everyday problems for Starseeds and all spiritual people who want to live in a more loving way! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $13.95.

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Mother Nature

by The Abbotts

Bring Mother Earth’s Spirit into your life!

We all talk of Mother Nature but have you wondered who she really is and how she affects our daily lives?

The Abbotts believe that Gaia, the spirit of the Earth can have a real and lasting impact on our health, thoughts and actions; just as what you do at home and at work affects her!

The writers, both renowned paranormal experts will introduce you to Gaia and show you how to have a harmonious relationship with her that will help transform you into a caring, ecological warrior!

A not-to-be-missed book for the whole family. Easy exercises and channelled messages from Higher beings. In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated.

Show that you care for Mother Earth! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Higher Self

Becoming the Master You!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wanted to have unlimited knowledge and the powers of an Ascended Master?

Well, all these higher abilities are accessible to you via your own Higher Self! Your Higher Self, the perfected part of you can aid you with every part of your life, helping you create a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle!

This book is packed with easy to do exercises which will teach you how to access your Higher Self for confidence, artwork and hidden knowledge.

You will learn how to astral travel; visit the Akashic Records; heal yourself of illness and much more! A not to be missed book with encouraging messages from the Ascended Masters. in 14 pt print for easy reading. Fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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