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Everyone is interested in finding love & romance.

Our books will help you to find your perfect partner!

The Dynamics of Love and Life

From a Paranormal Perspective!

by The Abbotts

This amazing new book from paranormal experts, The Abbotts, will clearly explain with simple graphs and easy-to-understand real life examples of how we all live our lives, interact with others, think, emote and act.

You will learn how to understand the dynamics of your own personal life and make simple changes which will help you succeed in love, work, relationships and spirituality.

A book for every esoteric scholar or for those who simply want to understand what life is really all about!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

A Beacon of Light Book.

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Why Am I Single?

The Complexities of 21st Century Life

by The Abbotts

Being Single from a Spiritual Perspective

In answer to many men and women's questions as to why they are single at this stage of their lives, The Abbotts have written this thoughtful, inspiring book to explain the spiritual and psychic aspects of their single state.

With enlightening channellings from the Ascended Masters, you will learn about why you are single, the benefits, the karmic aspects, life lessons and why past relationships have failed.

If like many people, you now wish to attract into your life a perfect partner, The Abbotts will show you how with humour and spiritually inspired commonsense.

A must book for everyone who is single or seeking understanding! Large print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Divorce & Separation

A Spiritual Approach to Relationship Breakdowns

by The Abbotts

This special book is the perfect guide for anyone experiencing the pain and confusion caused by a relationship breakdown.

The Abbotts sensitively explain the spiritual and personal reasons for divorce and separation and with channellings and advice from the Ascended Masters help you to overcome your loss and look forward to finding your perfect partner in the future. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Perfect Partner

by The Abbotts

A Spiritual Approach to Relationships

Everyone is searching for his or her perfect Twin Flame Partner, his or her Higher Soul Mate!

This amazing book will show you where to find that elusive being. Why you need to find your own Twin Flame. Who they are likely to be and what hidden unconscious forces are stopping you from meeting them!

Plus, how to overcome these blocks to finding the perfect partner! This unique book suitable for everyone contains exercises, visualizations, quizzes, complete notes plus many inspired channellings. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Dealing with Difficult Men

by The Abbotts

A Spiritual Approach

A book full of practical solutions to common relationship problems and spiritual advice. Written in The Abbotts usual sensitive and caring manner.

Over 20 problems discussed including - violence, drugs, alcohol, sexuality, oppression, immaturity, perversion, bisexuality and more!

A must read for any woman in a difficult relationship, needing emotional support and good advice from the privacy of a book. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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I Want a Divorce!

10 Cautionary Tales of Separation

A Quick Read Book

by The Abbotts

Divorce is a fact in our modern life and the stories attached to this social phenomenon can be sad, illuminating, tragic and even funny!

The Abbotts have written ten cautionary tales of divorce that will make you laugh, shudder and empathise with the characters.

A Quick Read book that will take you away from your everyday world, as you explore the Garden of Eden, a Tudor romance, Ancient Rome and much more!

In 14pt for easy reading and illustrated.  Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Past Life Lovers

Have You Met Before?

by The Abbotts

Are you one of the many people who instinctively feel that they have known their romantic partners somewhere, sometime long ago?

Well, The Abbotts, paranormal experts and past lives hypnotherapists, say that you are right!

The writers will explain to you how you incarnate into many different eras and lives in order to complete karmic ties and learn new experiences with souls that you love.

You will easily learn how to remember and experience these past life romances and relate them to incidents happening in your own lives today!

Exciting and reassuring that love exists through time! The Abbotts will show you how to break destructive romantic patterns, end love triangles and create the ideal romantic love union for you!

A not-to-be-missed book for all men and women with open minds! In 14 pt print for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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What is Love?

And How to Find It!

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered just what love is and why humanity has been given this great blessing and at sometimes, curse?

The Abbotts, counsellors and paranormal experts will help you to understand just what love is and how to find it in your life. With wonderful inspirational messages channelled from the Ascended Masters added to their own wisdom and practical knowledge, you will discover romantic love; love of friends and family; agape love for the Godforce and universal and self-love!

Everything you ever wanted to know about love in one book! Packed with psychic and spiritual exercises you can draw in your Twin Flame partner, find your purpose in life and learn to contact angels! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95. 

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How to Mend a Broken Heart

by The Abbotts

Caring Advice

Every woman suffers from painful heartache sometime in her life when a love affair ends or a loved one dies.

Often you will feel that you cannot cope with the sad situation and life does not feel worth living! The Abbotts counsellors and paranormal experts sensitively handle this subject and help you to understand why it has happened and how to mend your broken heart.

With sympathetic channelled messages from the Ascended Masters, you will learn how to meet your Twin Flame partner and resolve your heartache, as painlessly as possible.

A must have book for women of all ages! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Twin Flames

by The Abbotts

Find Your Perfect Partner!

Every woman and man wants to meet their special Twin Flame partner who will love and encourage them to their true potential.

The Abbotts, counsellors and psychics will explain who your Twin Flame partner is and how important it is to find that one special, angelic person who will complete your life!

With special exercises to help you meet your Twin Flame partner and overcome the emotional blocks that are separating you from this special lover, you will soon be on the path to meeting this elusive being.

The addition of channelled loving messages from The Ascended Beings and angels will also help you understand the special role this person has in your life!

Why not start the search for your Twin Flame partner today? In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Spirit of the Female and the New Age Male

by The Abbotts

Does the opposite gender confuse you?

If so, then this double volume book is for you. Gain a deeper spiritual understanding of how the modern man and woman think and relates to the opposite gender and the world around them.

Read about the three main stages of a woman’s life and how to activate your personal power. Use this book to help you define the personal qualities of a future partner and what to look for in a New Age Male.

Learn how to make the most of your life in the 21st Century! A book for everyone! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Relationships in the 21st Century

Family, Friends, Love & Work!

by The Abbotts

Dealing with people can be difficult at times, whether they be family members, lovers, friends or work mates.

This insightful book looks at many different scenarios in our modern lives and encourages the reader, how to develop good relationships with other people without losing their own identity. A must read for everyone! Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Pleiadian Ways

Starseed Relationships!

by The Abbotts

This amazing new book explores how the Starseeds (Generations, X, Y and Z) handle everyday relationships with family members, friends, work-mates, bosses, authorities and lovers!

Following the success of their book ‘Who Are You? - Discovering Your Cosmic Origins’ many people have discovered that they have had past lives on the Pleiades and this affects their outlook on life and their relationships with others.

Find out why you think as you do and act in a way different to many other generations; discover your reactions to work and authority and why you choose certain men or women as lovers and friends.

A unique book full of channelled wisdom from Higher Beings. Learn what the future holds for humanity and Earth! In 14 pt for easy reading and fully illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Love On Other Planets

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered if love exists beyond Earth and how do Alien races express their love?

Well, The Abbotts channellers of alien peoples and paranormal experts have the answers for you! Read about the fascinating cultures of the Orions, Sirians and Andromedans and how they express their romantic and family love.

Explore the female warrior worlds of the Bellatrix and Taxos women and the romantic Pentax race! Insights into many Off-Planet cultures also include the elusive, cold Draconians and the insidious Greys. How do they express love?

A fascinating exploration of space and emotions that will amaze you! With channelled messages from aliens and the Ascended Masters about love and alien life! Not to be missed! In 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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I’m in love with an Alien!

Advice for Off-Planet Romances

by The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered why you are so unlike other people?

Have your romances ended badly and you just can’t work out why? And who is the best choice of life partner for you?

This new book by The Abbotts paranormal experts, explains why you are so different. They believe that we have all had previous lives on distant galaxies that make us the man or woman that we are today.

This also explains why some Off-planet characteristics in potential lovers are just not very compatible with our own, while others fit the role, perfectly!

Learn about your own abilities and characteristics and find out who will be the best match, moderate catch and least likely person to form a loving partnership with in this life!

A unique and special book that will give you and your friends hours of fun and knowledge! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Illustrated. Ebook $3.99. Print Book $14.95.

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Romance with Magic Collection

Includes - Three Generations of Mermaids
Girl on an Ice Floe
Golden Lads and Lasses

by The Abbotts

This amazing collection of three novellas will enchant you with its whimsical romances of mermaids, past lives and the frozen north.

In three separate books you will find a touch of magic and psychic marvels that will intrigue you and touch your heart!

Meet the three generations of mermaids and their loves and woes and the four present day young people who find a mysterious portrait of long ago, holds power over their lives today; and meet a frightened, desperate young woman who decides on a unique way of ending her life, but instead finds hope and love!

A not to be missed trilogy by The Abbotts! In 14 pt for easy reading and illustrated. Ebook $6.99. Print Book $14.99.

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Three Generations of MERMAIDS

A Quick Read Romance!

by The Abbotts

Enter the watery and mystical world of the mermaids and merfolk, deep beneath the sea and follow the romantic adventures of three lovable mermaids, Coralie, Miriel and Lorelei.

A Touching novel of romance and passion, loss and sadness and glimpses of a lifestyle that we would all love to live, if only we possessed a silvery tail!

A whimsical, quick read romance for all lovers and those who want to find true love! In 14 pt print for easy reading. Ebook $2.99. Print Book $12.95.

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Susan’s Journey

A Psychic Romance!

by The Abbotts

Susan Shaw is a young widow who has retreated from the world, after her husband Ian’s sudden death.

Her best friend Carol, a vivacious woman, encourages her to take a week-long seminar on psychic and spiritual development, at the luxurious Hope Vale Centre. Here she discovers her latent psychic abilities and meets a variety of unusual characters, including the handsome instructor Greg, who harbors a tragic secret.

Will Susan continue with her journey in life with courage and hope or retreat in fear and apathy?

You can follow Susan’s spiritual exercises and learn psychic mysteries as you become engrossed in her love story. A psychic romance with a difference! In 14 pt print for easy reading! Ebook $2.99. Print Book $14.95.

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