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Apollo Men Course

Finding the Power Within!

By The Abbotts

Modern men looking for a new direction in life will find this new and exciting ten-part course, by The Abbotts, paranormal experts, easy to follow, companionable and achieve amazing psychic results, all under the guidance of Apollo!

You will learn to Far See, draw in your Twin Flame partner, communicate with angels and much more!

A course for individuals or a group. Fun and exciting! Illustrated and easy reading. Ebook $ 9.99.

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Spirit Messages

How to Contact Your Loved Ones!

By The Abbotts

Everyone loses a loved one, at some time in their life.

It can be a traumatic and sorrowful time, made worse by the fact that you seem to have lost all contact with that special person.

The Abbotts, paranormal experts have developed simple to understand techniques for enabling you to meet with and communicate with your deceased loved one, in a safe and pleasant environment.

You can learn to feel, see and hear them and spend valuable time with your child, husband, friend or even pet.

With sensible advice for grieving men and women, you will also be inspired by the loving words of Ascended beings.

A must book for every household! Fully illustrated and easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99.

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Alien Update

News from Other Worlds!

By The Abbotts

Many readers have enjoyed the wise advice given in The Abbotts previous book ‘Alien Messages - News from Distant Worlds!’ concerning love, life, sex, drugs, illness etc and how these issues are dealt with, on higher dimensional worlds and so, they have with the aid of their Off-planet friends and contacts written a second volume of advice from a more enlightened perspective than our own.

Subjects covered include: Addictions, Relationships, Self-image, Spiritual and Psychic and Alien Rescue to mention just a few!

The Abbotts have channelled messages from wise beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Albos, Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus and Orion, plus the Cosmic Women and the nefarious Greys (Zeta Reticuli) and the Lizzies (Alpha Draconi)!

An amazingly intriguing book for the whole family! Illustrated and easy reading Ebook $ 3.99.

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Are We Part of the Experiment?

By The Abbotts

Have you ever wondered - where we came from, who made us and where are we going? Or simply - why do we exist at all?

This is what The Abbotts, renowned paranormal experts’ new book is all about, and it contains much new and exciting information that they have accumulated over thirty years of psychic study.

It concerns our origins, life, love, work, spirituality, psychic abilities, future and more.

You will discover who these Cosmic Scientists are and their plan for humanity!

With added amazing channelled messages from spiritual beings, such as the Ascended Masters, Aliens and Archangels to add to their unique theories.

A must read for every person who has ever asked - 'Why am I here?'

Illustrated and easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99.

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Awaken the Female Energy!

An Eight-part Course

By The Abbotts

This newly created Moon Goddess course echoes the knowledge of the ancient priestesses who worked with nature, energies and the moon itself to heal, inspire, gain knowledge and transform the powerful female energy for good!

You will learn many esoteric skills, heal, astrologically chart your coming years, understand your feminine nature and work with the tides and moon phases for power and success!

An easy to understand and learn course for an individual or a group. Plus channelled messages for women and myths of the moon.

A must-read book for every woman! Illustrated and easy reading. Ebook $ 9.99.

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Snakes and Ladders

The Higher Path to Life and Love!

By The Abbotts

Everyone needs guidance in life and to know how to make choices that enrich your life, on every level. In this new book by paranormal experts The Abbotts, they share their years of counselling advice on how to win in life's game of Snakes and Ladders!

Topics covered include relationships, romance, work, finances, ethics, finding your core values, discovering what you want from life, health, how to deal with a crisis and much more!

Added wise advice from Higher beings will inspire you to create the life you want and know that you are doing so, in a kind and fair manner. A guide for everyone!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Aliens

By The Abbotts
Have you ever wondered if aliens really do exist and why they would visit Earth?

Do UFO's really abduct people, mutilate cattle and make crop circles? And is their presence sinister or friendly?

In this new book by The Abbotts, paranormal experts, they combine their knowledge of aliens and UFO's, gathered over thirty years of study and channelling these extra-terrestrial beings.

They tell you in simple terms of these encounters and what they have discovered.

An intriguing book that every paranormal student will want in their collection!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.
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The Dynamics of Love and Life

From a Paranormal Perspective!

By The Abbotts
This amazing new book from paranormal experts, The Abbotts, will clearly explain with simple graphs and easy-to-understand real life examples of how we all live our lives, interact with others, think, emote and act.

You will learn how to understand the dynamics of your own personal life and make simple changes which will help you succeed in love, work, relationships and spirituality.

A book for every esoteric scholar or for those who simply want to understand what life is really all about!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.
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Elves In the Machine

and Other Oddities of the 4th Dimension

By The Abbotts
Are you intrigued by mysterious and odd happenings in the world and want to know, why they are happening?

Then this new book by paranormal experts, The Abbotts will explain to you the true meaning of odd phenomena such as 'Elves in the machine', Clown Gods, sightings of mythical creatures, past life recall, magical horns in the sky, the crystal light body, nature devas and more!

Written in an easy to understand manner and with simple exercises for you to investigate these odd sightings yourself, you will discover a new world of mystery and adventure!

Illustrated and in 14 pt for easy reading. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

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The Snowflake Generation

A Paranormal Perspective

By The Abbotts

Have you heard of the Snowflake Generation, also known as the Millenniums?

These are young, sensitive boys and girls born since the year 2000 AD who have unusual attitudes to life on Earth and are dedicated to making our planet and societies, into the ones that they want!

Learn about their unique heritage, why they have incarnated to Earth at this time, and how you can help them in their quests.

A special guide book for every parent and grandparent who wants to love and understand their young charges.

With easy-to-do exercises, comments from Higher beings and good commonsense ideas, you will find this book invaluable!

Written by well-known paranormal experts, The Abbotts, in easy to understand language. 

Illustrated and in 14 pt easy to read print. Ebook $ 3.99. Print Book $ 14.95.

A must for every caring person!

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